About the Academic Office

Welcome to the Academic Office

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌The Academic Office is responsible for the development and management of the University’s academic regulatory framework and quality assurance procedures. It also provides support for the principal academic committees of the University and for its collaborative partnerships. The Office has its main base on the Carmarthen campus but has an active presence on all of the University’s main campuses. 

Contact the Academic Office:

General enquiries: quality@uwtsd.ac.uk
Student enquiries (all campuses):  aocases@uwtsd.ac.uk

Main Office: 01267 676855
Location: First Floor, Dewi Building, Carmarthen Campus

Swansea Office: 01792 481197
Location: Fourth Floor, Main Building, Mount Pleasant Campus

Click here for information about the Academic Office structure and Academic Office responsibilities.

Academic regulations, postgraduate research students and student cases

Mr Kevin Brice, Head of Regulations and Compliance/Head of the Academic Office
Tel: 01267 676918
E-mail: k.brice@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mrs Arun Clarke, Senior Administrative Officer (Student Cases) (Swansea)
Tel: 01792 481197
E-mail: arun.clarke@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mrs Victoria Pearcy, Senior Administrative Officer (Carmarthen and Lampeter)
Tel: 01267 676858
E-mail: v.pearcy@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mrs Alison Sables, Senior Administrative Officer (Postgraduate Research Students)
Tel: 01267 255144
E-mail: a.sables@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mrs Elizabeth Cook, Administrative and Registry Services Officer (Postgraduate Research Students) (Post shared with Registry)
Tel: 01267 676785
E-mail: e.cook@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mrs Andrea Fay Garner, Administrative Officer (Carmarthen and Lampeter)
Tel: 01267 676650
E-mail: a.garner@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mr Andrew Gough, Administrative Officer (Swansea)
Tel: 01792 481078
E-mail: andrew.gough@uwtsd.ac.uk

Collaborative partnerships

Ms Elisa Tavares Llewellyn, Head of Collaborative Partnerships
Tel: 01792 484095
E-mail: elisa.tavares.llewellyn@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mr Gwion Ramage, Senior Administrative Officer (Collaborative Partnerships)
Tel: 01267 676653
E-mail: g.ramage@uwtsd.ac.uk

Quality assurance and committee support

Ms Teleri James, Executive Administrative Officer (Quality)
Tel: 01267 676693
E-mail: t.james@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mrs Gill Jones, Senior Administrative Officer (Quality) (part-time/term-time only)
Tel: 01267 676860
E-mail: g.s.e.jones@uwtsd.ac.uk

Ms Sarah Cornelius, Administrative Officer
Tel: 01267 676831
E-mail: s.cornelius@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mrs Liz James, Administrative Officer
Tel: 01267 676855
E-mail: liz.james@uwtsd.ac.uk