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Swansea Accommodation

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Swansea has five halls of residence based on two separate campuses. There are over 300 rooms for first year students to apply for with a mixture of standard study bedrooms and rooms with en-suite facilities.

‌When students apply for a place in halls they can specify their preference on where they would like to stay. The Accommodation Department will then allocate all rooms in halls from April until September. Every effort will be made to give students one of their three main preferences although because of demand this may not always be possible.

The University also maintains a list of private student housing within the local area. If you are interested then you can browse through what is currently available at this link: http://www.tsdstudentliving.co.uk/Accommodation


‌All first year undergraduates who hold a firm offer from the University will have the opportunity of applying for a room on campus. Rooms are allocated on a first come. first served basis.

Applications are taken online and students can specify up to three preferences on the form for the hall they would like to stay and the type of room they are looking for. Details for each of our halls is given below;

Townhill Campus

258 individual study/bedrooms
Small number of flats

Gwyr Hall (63 rooms with en-suite shower cubicles - mixed accommodation, toilets nearby)

Dyfed Hall (90 rooms) - mixed accommodation

Cenydd Hall (105 rooms plus two flats for disabled use with en-suite facilities) - mixed accommodation

The Halls have single rooms with fitted wardrobe and hand washbasin. Shared showers, toilets and bathrooms are located on each floor. There is a coin-operated launderette on the ground floor of Dyfed Hall which is open daily. Services provided include: furniture and fittings, lighting, heating and water as well as free wireless internet access. Cookers, microwave ovens and freezers, are provided in each Hall, all rooms have a small refrigerator. Amenities on campus include the Main Refectory (Metro 2), Campus Cafe, Student Bar (Metro Lounge), Fitness Centre and Library.

The prices for study bedrooms at Townhill range from £64.00 to £81.00 per week.

Mount Pleasant Campus

Self catering 37 study/bedroom units (en-suite)
6 twin bedroom units.

The accommodation at Mount Pleasant consists of 6 twin and 37 single study units all with en-suite toilet/shower facilities. There is a coin operated launderette on the ground floor. There are two Cafe's on site (Metro and Metro Xtra) as well as Starbucks Coffee and a Library.

All of the halls of residence are very safe and secure buildings, entry into the building is by swipe card only. Night Security staff are also in operation on campus throughout the academic year.

The prices for accommodation at Mount Pleasant range from £64.00 per week for a place in a twin study bedroom up to £83.00 per week for a single room.

A downloadable booklet with further information on our halls of residence is available at this link: Swansea Accommodation Information Booklet 2017/18

‌All applications for halls of residence are taken online and you can submit your preferences for where you would like to stay through the following step by step process;

1. Contact the Accommodation Department either by email (accommodation@uwtsd.ac.uk) or phone (01792 482082) to inform us of your interest in applying for halls. The only details we will require from you is your name and date of birth. Alternatively please fill out the form below and email through to us using the address above.

2. We will then contact you with the link for where you can apply along with your Student ID number which you can use to create an account for yourself on the system before setting up an application.

3. Once your application is received the department staff will then check what rooms are available and make you an offer of a room on campus. Unfortunately due to demand for places we are unable to guarantee all students will get their first preference but we will endeavour to allocate all rooms as fairly as possible.

4. To accept your offer you can then complete and return the declaration form along with your deposit of £250 which will then become your bond for the academic year.

5. Finally you will receive confirmation of your room number, hall as well as all of your arrival instructions.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Accommodation Department.

Swansea Accommodation Application 2017/18

Whether you live in close proximity to the University or are coming from further afield, the University halls of residence are an option for you. Rooms are allocated on a first come - first served basis to students seeking accommodation for a full academic year, medical conditions that are disclosed to the Accommodation Department will be taken into account. Any other requirements will be considered after the initial allocation process has been completed.

As a result of the demand for Halls of Residence we do ask for certain criteria before students are eligible to apply, details of which are specified below. However we would advise all students who are interested in University accommodation to keep in touch with the Accommodation Department on 01792 482082 who can keep you up to date on what is available to you. Postgraduate students are not subject to the same criteria and are advised to contact us for further information if they wish to stay on campus.

Please be aware that even if students meet all of the below criteria this does not guarantee them a place on campus as the amount of applicants often exceed the amount of rooms available. The typical amount of applicants who are successful in achieving a place in halls is 90%

A student will be able to apply for a place on campus provided they are;

Holding a Firm offer from the University: 
No student can apply for a place in halls unless they are holding a firm offer from the University. 

Once you have submitted an application for halls of residence, a member of the Accommodation Department at the University may get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

Any students who are unsuccessful in achieving a halls of residence place will be given assistance by the Accommodation Department to find private housing close to the University. The vast majority of students moving into private housing enjoy a positive and rewarding experience. University of Wales Trinity Saint David keeps an up to date list of landlords with properties in the Swansea area. You can browse the list at the link: http://www.tsdstudentliving.co.uk/Accommodation

If students have any queries regarding the above, please contact the Accommodation Department on 01792 482082 or via email accommodation@uwtsd.ac.uk.

‌All accommodation at the Swansea Campus is very affordable with prices ranging from £64.00 to £83.00 per week. All utilities are included as well as wireless internet access. The contract length runs for the full academic year from September until June (38 weeks).

Swansea Campus - Letting Periods and Residential Fees

‌‌‌‌‌‌Students who accept an offer of accommodation in the University's Halls of Residence are required to abide by the terms and conditions.

Residential Terms and Conditions for students 2017/18

Residential Terms and Conditions 2016/17

A copy of the terms and conditions are available on the link above. Students are reminded to refer to terms and conditions throughout the contract period.

Any queries regarding the Regulations for Students in Halls of Residence should be directed to the Accommodation Officer – (email: accommodation@uwtsd.ac.uk)

Policies / Guides

UWTSD - PAT Testing Policy UWTSD - PAT Testing Policy

Student Disciplinary Procedures

Any returning students who wish to apply for halls of residence on campus are advised to get in touch with the Accommodation Department as we do hold a certain number of rooms back for returning students for those who are interested.

There are also a number of self-contained flats on campus which we make available to our Postgraduate students. The cost of these range from £80 to £83 per week and are situated on our Townhill site.

To apply or for further information, please contact our office at accommodation@uwtsd.ac.uk or alternatively please call our daytime telephone number 01792 482082 to discuss your requirements.

Students who have not been offered University accommodation or who prefer to live off campus can browse through the properties registered with Trinity Saint David at the link below;


Students can also join our private accommodation Facebook page;


 *Please be advised that the University accepts no liability for the information provided by the Landlord, it is the responsibility of the student to check whether the information contained on the site is accurate. The University accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the information provided on the site and in no way approves, recommends or warrants as to the suitability of any accommodation contained

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What is provided for me in my room?

All rooms in halls of residence come fully furnished, the fixtures and fittings include a bed and mattress, study desk and chair, hand wash basin, mirror, wardrobe, small refrigerator, shelving, easy chair and bed side cabinet with chest of draws.

A room inventory will be provided for you on arrival and placed inside your room.

Do I need a TV licence?

TV Licences are required by all rooms containing a TV which is being used to watch live programmes as they are being shown. Student may also need a licence if they are using a laptop to watch television. More information is available from http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk.

50 digital channels are also available via freeview, however there is no rooftop aerial on the halls of residence. Students will need to provide their own indoor aerials to pick up the signal. More information is available from http://www.freeview.co.uk

Does my room have an internet connection?

Every bedroom in halls of residence will have access to a free wireless internet connection. Students will be given their username and passwords on enrolment. 

Do I need to arrange insurance for my belongings?

Student possessions insurance has been provided through Endsleigh for every student who is living at our student residences. This covers a range of belongings inside your room, including laptops, sports and electrical equipment, clothes and frozen food. this has been arranged by the University at no extra cost to the student. If you wish to check what is covered under the policy then please take a look at the insurance certificate in the Endsleigh Insurance section below.

What do I need to bring with me?

Students are required to bring their own bedding, towels, coat hangers, cooking utensils (including cutlery and crockery), cleaning and washing products, dish cloths, tea towels, food etc. A list of recommended items to bring with you will be sent to you by email prior to your arrival on the campus

Is there a bus service?

Regular bus services run between sites and the city centre during term time. Bus timetables will be provided to students on arrival into halls of residence.

Are there items I shouldn’t bring with me?

Items which are not permitted include: candles, incense sticks, fairy lights, chip fryers, pets including goldfish, large white goods (this includes mini fridges), large items of furniture or equipment are not allowed in Halls of Residence for health and safety and fire safety reasons.

Can I bring my car?

If you intend to bring your car to University (although we do recommend that you don't as all local facilities are within walking distance), then you will need to apply for a parking permit from the Operations Team. These will either be available on Registration Day or you can contact Operations by email operations@uwtsd.ac.uk.

Can I bring my bike?

Students can use the cycle racks and bike shed available on Campus. Keys to the bike shed can be collected from Reception. Keeping any bicycle, motorcycle, moped or other petrol driven machine inside Halls of Residence is not permitted.

What laundry facilities are available?

Coin operated washing machines and driers are present at both our Mount Pleasant and Townhill Campuses. They are located on the ground floor of Halls of Residence.

Who is responsible for cleaning?

All students living in halls of residence are responsible for keeping the accommodation clean and tidy. A team of cleaners will enter the building every day between 8am and 12pm to clean the corridors and kitchen areas however students are expected to clean their own study bedroom.

Where do I collect my mail?

Letters will be distributed to students in halls of residence directly, large items of mail or parcels will need to be collected from reception on either the Mount Pleasant or Townhill campuses.

Can I stay on Campus during the holidays?

Your license agreement covers the use of your room for 38 weeks, which includes the Christmas and Easter holidays. If you would like to stay on Campus during the summer holiday, arrangements can be made with the Accommodation Officer.

UUK - Code of Practice

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David is signed up to and fully supports the Accommodation Code of Practice. We endeavour to provide all students with an enjoyable, safe living environment and recommend that you read the code of practice before taking up your space in halls.

The code itself is designed as a statement of good practice which is subject to change and refinement in the light of experience and encourages better management of the accommodation. The code is available online at the following link:


The code ensures that residents benefit from clear policies and procedures relating to the following;

  • Health & Safety
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Student Welfare
  • Antisocial behaviour and disciplinary issues
  • Environmental quality

  UUK Code - Logo