Your Memories

We’d love to hear about your days at Trinity.

What are your memories of your time as a student? If you’d like to send information and photographs or just quick messages, please email or send your contribution to the Alumni Office, Trinity College, College Road, Carmarthen SA31 3EP

Here is an extract from the memoirs of Mr George Head OBE from Pontefract. At a sprightly 90 years of age, we think Mr Head is our oldest surviving alumnus!  Mr Head was a student at Trinity from 1935 – 1937.

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Atgofion John Emanuel (14/12/03) a fu’n fyfyriwr yng Ngholeg y Drindod rhwng 1924 a Mehefin 1926.

Dechreuodd ei yrfa’n Ysgol Llangynnwr, wedyn Ysgol Parcyrhun, Rhydaman. Ddechrau Ebrill 1929 aeth i Lansteffan, cyn symud i Lwynhendy i gynorthwyo fan honno. Yna aeth i Gwmcothi (lle’i apwyntiwyd fis Tachwedd 1932, a dechreuodd yn Ionawr 1933), cyn cael ei apwyntio yn Brifathro Salem Llandeilo yn 1944. Yn 1948 dechreuodd fel Prifathro Ysgol Bancffosfelen tan iddo ymddeol yn Rhagfyr 1968.

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Extract from the Autobiography of Tom Parry Evans

I was at the College from 1943-1945 – aged from 17 to 19 years

…. teachers could have said of me, “You are an honest boy, Tom Evans, for you have taken nothing away from here.”

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