Performing Arts Swansea

An Art School Experience in a Contemporary University

We are looking for students who are passionate about performing. Students that are inspired by experimenting with the boundaries of performance practice through interdisciplinary collaboration with creative artists, musicians and makers of all kinds.




WE OFFER an intensive, practice-based approach to study, with an innovative balance of hands-on training underpinned by academic study. To ensure that our courses remain relevant within an ever-changing industry, we place our students’ engagement with practitioners of national and international significance at the core of our teaching and learning.

As students you will learn by ‘doing’, by engaging with each other, with your audience and with the community through your creative work. Our commitment to stage and celebrate our students’ work at festivals and events contributes to an extremely high standard of innovative performance, and provides key opportunities for future employment. 

WE ENCOURAGE employment sustainability through transferable and creative skills, linking professional practice to sustained employment opportunities for our graduates.  Each year your creative practice will develop by working in a variety of exciting and innovative formats and locations, challenging the boundaries of performance and opening multiple opportunities to showcase your work. 

Undergraduate Courses

BA Applied Drama

THIS COURSE is designed for those who love performance and are excited by its role in community, educational and therapeutic settings. Applied Drama teaches students to create and deliver participatory performance activities outside of traditional theatre settings using innovative and unique approaches, in collaboration with professional practitioners and companies. Often referred to as Theatre for Change, Applied Drama offers an alternative pathway to an exciting career in the Performing Arts.

BA (Hons) Contemporary Performance

THIS COURSE weaves physical and vocal performance with media and technology to create interdisciplinary, experimental performance, exploring modern ways of sharing modern stories. Our Contemporary Performance students are also highly visible, generating innovative street theatre and performance events across the city.