Modern Foreign Language and Cymraeg students come together to share


In February staff and students from the PGCE Modern Foreign Languages and PGCE Cymraeg programmes came together with UWTSD's other trainee teachers to share their passion for languages and to exchage language learning ideas.  

The South West Wales Centre of Teacher Education actively pursues collaborative learning opportunities which take our trainee teachers outside of their classrooms.  The Languages Day was developed so that PGCE students on the MFL and Cymraeg programmes could look at how we acquire and make links between different languages. Students on the other PGCE programmes were also invited to attend.  

“The Languages Day was an exciting experience which broadened my outlook on teaching and made me think about how we could decompartmentalise subjects.  It helped me see how the Donaldson curriculum proposals might work by delivering subjects through different languages.”  -  Joseff Loft, PGCE Biology student  

With support from the Alliance Française and the Goethe Institut and language lecturers from UWTSD there were classes in French, German, Spanish and Welsh for learners of all abilities.  There were also classes available in Danish, Kurdish and Romanian; the latter was taught by one of our MFL S_PGCE students, Ana Maria Popa.

The context for the day was set with the key-note lecture from Anna Vivian Jones, the MFL co-ordinator for ERW, our local Regional Consortium, focussing on the importance of encouraging a multiple literacy approach to learning.  Mererid Hopwood spoke about the need to use a variety of pedagogical models in teaching languages.  In the plenary, S_PGCE Cymraeg tutor Rhian Rees spoke about her experiences of being bilingual in Wales. S_PGCE MFL tutor, Siân Brooks said that one of the most exciting moments in the day was just listening to everyone during lunch when there were so many different languages being spoken with such enthusiasm.

The day highlighted the importance of establishing links between languages and of developing an understanding of multiple literacies in 21st century Wales, supporting the work already taking place in the region.  The sharing of ideas between S_PGCE students of Cymraeg and MFL on this Languages Day and on other occasions during the year provides an effective model of collaboration between language departments.