Chaos Trends and the Golden Age of Games Development


'We specialise in interactive software and work with local and global companies to create awesome software!' 

 Darren Adams, Managing Director Chaos Trends, Computer Games Development graduate

Chaos Trend Software Development

ChaosTrend is an award winning software developer and passionate game development studio that was setup in 2008 by several UWTSD Swansea graduates. We have developed and released many games in the 7 years we have been in business, with our last game Super Jetpack Penguin amassing over 1.5 million downloads.

The Core Team

Managing Director - Darren Adams - Computer Games Development graduate

  • Sound effects 
  • Music composition
  • Game design
  • Programming
  • Modelling
  • Texturing

Creative Director - Ian Malsbury - Creative Computer Games Design graduate

  • Game and UI design
  • Level design
  • Narrative and character design

Technical Director - John Franklin - Software Engineering graduate

  • Graphics
  • Engine programming
  • Technical support
  • A.I. and systems

Graphical Director - Tim Lewis

  • Graphics
  • Engine Programming
  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Game Design

Previous software projects include:

  • bespoke driver software for medical equipment
  • interactive E-Books for special needs children
  • a member’s app for Unite the Union
  • the official app for UWTSD - Secret in a Bottle

We started ChaosTrend in July 2008 as a spinout from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. We have been in business for almost seven years and have developed many products and worked on exciting software projects for big and small companies. We have over 8 games on release on multiple platforms and have one game in production which should be completed within the next 12 months.

Our last game "Super Jetpack Penguin" has been downloaded over 1.5m times and was 'Number One' in multiple regions. We are currently working on a game that has already been granted a store page with Steam, the biggest downloadable platform on the PC/Mac/Linux.

We have recently worked on a game for UWTSD called Secret in a Bottle and we are in the process of localising the text and narration into Welsh. This game will be used in promotional works and will be available worldwide, furthering the potential reach of the University.

To date we have developed a range of diverse software projects for multiple clients and have created our own in-house cross platform game engine. Our game engine has been used to develop many of our games and most of our software projects. This engine has also been used by interns and employees who have worked with us.

Our last project was to develop 3 E-Books for special needs children to promote the use and learning of the Welsh language. The Flitlits projects were written by a local writer from Cardiff and we developed three E-Books that brought the books alive.

Previous projects include 3D without glasses software which was used to manipulate the images that use an algorithm for disorder that is based on reputable work from scientists working in the field of vision and perception. We worked with and developed an app for Unite the Union, a massive Trade Union that covers the whole of the UK. We also won an award for work on a medical stretching machine for which wrote the bespoke hardware management and user interface software.

This project was exciting as we had to learn how to interface with actuators and mechanical systems which would be based upon our software. This project won us the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for 2010 Geneva medical equipment. 

We also teach two classes of autistic children how to write computer games that are run in the evening, with children from as young as 10 up to 17-18 years old. These classes for autistic children are of great benefit to the community as there are no other games classes run for children with learning disabilities or mental issues. We also teach children without difficulties in the second class.

Collectively we have skills in management, design, programming, art, foley, music and teaching which we have used to the best of our ability to work on a number of projects. We are very proactive, developing our own software and games over the last 7 years which we have designed, produced, marketed and released entirely off our own back.

We employ locally, we don't outsource and we take on students from the university for intern positions which help them get on-job experience and credits in any projects they work on. We have taken on around 15-20 students and graduates who have all used our internship as a vehicle to land a job with a bigger games company. Our success rate for interns landing bigger jobs is around 75% for students who have worked with us.

Darren says "The School of Applied Computing at UWTSD Swansea have provided us with the opportunity to work from an office on the Swansea campus. The School really do care about graduates, even a few years after graduation.' Chaos Trends are located in the UWTSD Mount Pleasant campus, room MBL04 in the FACE building. Registered address is Suite 5, Henley house, Fforestfach, Swansea, SA5 4DJ.

For more information about Chaos Trends games and apps please email: or visit