#FromHigherEdToHired - Nathan Munkley - IT Support


Nathan Munkley chose BSc Computer Networks instead of Computer Science. He achieved a First Class honours degree in July 2016 and secured a job the day after his final exam. What's even better than getting a first? Getting British Computer Society accredited too! We asked Nathan a few questions:

1.       What areas in Computing are important?

Each area is important as they all interlink in someway. Software and Hardware rely on each other to function correctly.

2.       What is the best thing about your course?

I enjoyed the whole 3 years, it was good to learn about different aspects instead of just Networking which was the main topic for the degree. I enjoyed the web and programming modules although I would not focus on those as my main choice. I enjoyed the 'hands on' aspect of the course the most, being able to use the labs to get a better understanding of how things work instead of just the theory.

3.       What were your lecturers like?

They were very supportive, if there was any issues you could always speak to them. Most going out of their way to make sure everything is running smoothly which was very reassuring during the stressful project deadline period.

4.       How did it feel being told you had a First Class Honours Degree / First Class HND

It still hasn't sunk in. Everyone in my family were really pleased.

5.       How did you do it? Any tips?

Takes a lot of effort and hard work. I, like every other student was hit with the 'procrastination bug' which is even worse in the 3rd year with the project being extremely important. I found it easier to start early in the year and do little bits each day rather than trying to cram last minute. 

6.       Why did you choose to study in Swansea?

At the time I was focused on hardware and UWTSD (Then Swansea Met) was the only university in Wales to offer the Computer Network BSc, all other universities were Computer Science.

7.       Where next for you?

The day after my final exam in May I had an interview for a local IT Support Company in Bridgend, I found out the week after that I was successful and I have since began a career in the IT industry starting at 1st Line Support.


BRITISH COMPUTER SOCIETY AWARDS: Nathan achieved the British Computer Society award and membership, giving him CITP Status. What does this mean for Nathan?

Ian Wells, Head of School of Applied Computing says:‌

 “Holding CITP status reflects your integrity, professionalism and dedication to your work. Your status will be recognised in a formal listing of Chartered IT Professionals on a register available to potential clients and employers on the BCS website.”