Google Digital Marketing and the ‘10X’ Decade


Guest Speaker Simon Bevan visited UWTSD Swansea to share his experience of working at Google. In 2005, when Simon started working as an Accounts Manager, having previously worked abroad as a translator, Google’s Revenue stood at $6.1bn and the company employed 4,100 people, by 2014 revenue increased to $66bn and  it had 53,000 employees.

Simon, who hails from Tenby, in Pembrokeshire, said: “Working for Google I had to change my mind-set to keep up with the speed of change.”

Google Digital Marketing and the ‘10X’ Decade Simon Bevan

The master class shared some interesting insight to various forms of digital marketing, such as, pay-per-click, search engine optimisation, natural searches, email marketing, social networks and demographics, display ads, banner ads and the use of video.

Simon also discussed Google’s company values and cultures, and careers:

Think Big: revolutionary ideas that make bigger impacts on the world. ‘10X’ is not a reference to ten % bigger, its ten times the impact.

Driven by Data: quantified information that solves problems and measures results.

Simon says: “The future for Google is to continue to make useful information accessible. Future skills could include analysing big data to provide key performance indicators, implementation, measuring the impact and analysing results.”

Launch Early and Iterate: soft launches during experimental stages that test the water and provide feedback for marketing push or cut.

Simon says: “At Google it’s OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them quickly. We had awards for ‘Heroic Failures’ that taught us something useful.”

Focus on the User: Shifted emphasis to the audience to increase key word relevance and ad rankings.

Simon says  “Content has to be relevant and updated regularly e.g. useful blogs or videos that help people to solve problems. This attracts people to your site and builds your authority in your specialist area.”

Simon also discussed careers at Google, media agencies, challenges and the future for Google that gave real insight to the industry and where it is headed.

The talk took place in the ‘Life Design’ studio situated above the library on UWTSD Swansea, Mount Pleasant Campus. Life Designs is a unique programme developed to support all UWTSD students to make the most of as many opportunities as possible while at University.

Life Design is a four-step programme that enables students to use design tools to generate multiple potential future pathways to find innovative ways to design a future life that that matches needs and passions.  

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