Power and Pleasure of Architecture Taster Days


Power because architecture has a profound influence upon the way we live – buildings and places in which we live, work and play shape our lives.

Pleasure because buildings can delight and surprise us – they are the settings for all the exciting and memorable events in life. 

On Thursday, 3 March 2015 there will be a Taster Session for anyone who is interested in architecture and the wide variety of career opportunities to which this programme could lead - our booking form is at the end of this article. 

BSc Architecture Taster Day

“Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.”

Louis Kahn distinguished American architect who designed some of the most influential buildings of the 20th century

Our Architecture Taster Days are designed to give you an introduction of what it means to be an architect. The day starts with an illustrated talk about the scope of architecture, details about our new BSc Architecture course and the various careers associated with architecture.

“The introduction was particularly informative. No-one has ever spoken about Architecture to me in such depth before. It really gave me an insight on how the subject may be studied. It was very inspirational.”

Abby Poulson, Taster Day Guest

What is an Architect?

An Architect is a person expert in the design and making of buildings and places. The central skill of the architect is design – the conception of three-dimensional space informed by knowledge of structure, construction and the environmental impact and performance of buildings. An architect is always part of a team working with architectural technologists, engineers, surveyors, planners and construction workers.

Taster Day Design Project

During the Taster Day on Thursday, 8 October 2015 three groups of students were given the task of designing a place for students to live and learn. The exercise was designed to stretch the imagination but was grounded in practicality. We started by discussing the practical needs of students – including suitable settings for sleeping, studying, cooking, eating, relaxing, holding a party …. This developed into a design concept as students considered the feeling and character they wanted to capture and the place where they would like to site of their new home. Finally they translated these ideas into a model using paper and card. The groups then presented their ideas to the others, explaining the thinking behind their proposals. The session ended with a lively discussion focussing on the three very different approaches to the challenging brief.

“I’ve been doing exercises like this since the 70s and I always think I know what the outcomes will be … but every time I am surprised.”

Richard Parnaby

Future Taster Days

Architects are experts in the design of buildings and places, creating the setting for human life. Their primary skill is design. They have the ability to imagine three-dimensional spaces and objects and apply knowledge of materials, structure and energy to turn concept into reality, working with engineers, contractors and many other professionals. 

On Thursday, 3 March 2015 there will be a Taster Session for anyone who is interested in architecture and the wide variety of career opportunities to which this programme could lead.

Here is the draft programme for the day: 


Introduction to the day 

Richard Parnaby & Chris House


The Scope of Architecture

Richard Parnaby


Coffee break

Richard Parnaby


Design Exploration: A place to Live: A Place to Learn

Richard Parnaby


Group working on design ideas

Richard Parnaby


Feedback on the morning session

Richard Parnaby



Richard Parnaby


Walk to the site of the architecture building

Richard Parnaby


Group working on design ideas

Richard Parnaby


Design review: sharing ideas

Richard Parnaby




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