Study Computing: You could create the next big viral App to hit the CLOUD!


Reham came to Swansea after leaving friends and family back home in a war zone. Reham is from Yemen and struggled with containing her worry for her family but used this uneasiness to push herself to work harder so that her family would be proud.

Gaining a first class honours Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems would certainly do that!

Reham volunteered and applied for every student job, or position available in the University as student ambassador, student experience rep, faculty rep, online ambassador, International student officer and more. She did this to get involved with University opportunities and gain fulfilment through student experiences.

Marketing Officer Jamie Tavender says “Reham is hardworking, talented and her enthusiasm is infectious. She has helped out at every opportunity and was invaluable at open days.”

What was nice about working with Reham is that she valued and appreciated all opportunities available at the University and she made the most of those opportunities. Every morning considering people who would wish to be in her shoes. 


Q&A with Reham

What areas in computing are important?

The internet is vital for connecting. Without the internet we couldn’t reach information about anything happening in the world. For example, budget spends, weather, news, and definitions are all a click away.

This has made people’s lives easier by improving knowledge and understanding; through sharing ideas, experiences and information online.

All of this offers big opportunities for business. The internet is an easy way to communicate with customers and inform customers about what is happening. The internet is a powerful tool for sales, marketing and communicating. 

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram! All these Apps are all built by computing students. It is possible that you could make the next big viral App to hit the CLOUD!!!!

Social Media is not just for young people to use for socialising. Social Media today is a very, very important gismo for marketing and businesses. Even the most professional, entrepreneur needs to understand it. This has unlocked exciting areas of study concentrating on Social Media. There are now even Masters Courses just for Social Media Marketing.

For a long time now businesses have been collecting data. Whenever data is saved it is very important, even if it is old – because all data can offer solutions to problems within business.

In the module ‘Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence’ we collected data from customers and used WEKA, a software tool that uses algorithms to process information. The objective was to save money for a company, by targeting the right customers with the correct products. 

Wherever there is information in the world computing can help to discover new knowledge!


Four Females got First Class Honours Degree in computing this year! How important is it that girls consider Computing as a career choice?

As Karen Spärck Jones, IT researcher says

‘Computing is too important to be left to the boys.’

 Girls are just as capable as boys and computing needs attention to detail and creativity.

Boys can do many things, hair dressing and nursing so I don’t see why women cannot get more involved in STEM subjects such as computing, motorcycle engineering and more. Plus, women are multi-task geniuses, capable of juggling multiple balls simultaneously.

A female coder is a cool woman!

I help out with ‘Girls in IT’ workshops where Year 8 and 9 females visited UWTSD to try out various workshops, such as, robot building and PC repair.  I asked if they knew what computer students do for jobs and the group had no idea. I then explained building mobile app’s such as Snapchat and the filters used in Snapchat are built by computing students. They were surprised and it got them thinking about computer courses and they had great ideas.  


What was the best thing about your course?

Everything was enjoyable! Very useful for future purposes – employment focused. When I studied business, it taught us how organisations work and I found the human resource aspects very interesting.  Areas such as, how to keep your staff motivated, the benefits of flexibility in work, and how different generations can affect each other within an organisation. I love that the course connects business and computing. It enabled us to understand business needs and IT solutions and communicate between both departments. Almost as a decoder translating between two languages.


What were your lecturers like?

Well without them I wouldn’t understand any of that! They are very patient which is very important to the student. They are very helpful, nice and kind people. The best thing about the University and the lecturers is the open door policy that you couldn’t get from larger universities. Whenever I needed help with an assignment or for personal reasons, I could always find someone to help me and guide me. They are considered as friends and family to me.   


How did it feel being told you had a first class honours degree?

Unbelievable! I was over the moon! It felt like the world was not big enough for me – I wanted to spread my wings and fly!

Enjoying what I learned helped! Taking the information from the lecturer to understand how things work made things more exciting.

For me when I was doing work I would listen to music and enjoyed the topics so much it felt like I was having fun while working. Whenever I was stressed, I would sing along to the songs to relax.


BRITISH COMPUTER SOCIETY AWARDS: Reham achieved the British Computer Society award and membership, giving her CITP Status. What does this mean for Reham?

Ian Wells, Head of School of Applied Computing says:‌

 “Holding CITP status reflects your integrity, professionalism and dedication to your work. Your status will be recognised in a formal listing of Chartered IT Professionals on a register available to potential clients and employers on the BCS website.”

 "The School of Applied Computing at UWTSD is proud to announce that we have an exceptional number of First Class Honours students graduating this year. We have eight in Computing and six in ‘Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering (two of which are at MEng level). Five of the Computing students will also receive the British Computer Society (BCS) award giving them full Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status and membership of the BCS. In a profession where traditionally there are few females these results are of particular significance since four of the students receiving the award are female.” 


Why did you choose the UK to study in the UK?

My name in Arabic - Reham means ‘light rain’. Knowing that it rains more often in the UK is one of the reasons why I wanted to come here.  I love walking under the rain. Some people hide from it but other people in other countries would wish to have some rain.

It was a dream to come here – I didn’t think I would. When I was a child I watched an animation series which was centred on England. I was interested in visiting a country where the rooves of the houses were triangles. When I saw the houses here – it was really nice.

Reham Graduation 2016 with Ian Wells  UWTSDGRAD16 reham decked  UWTSDGRAD16 reham class  UWTSDGRAD16 reham-framed-2  reham-crowd