The Power and Pleasure of Architecture


The School of Architecture, Built and Natural Environments at UWTSD Swansea is launching a new course, BSc Architecture, for September 2016.

BSc Architecture Taster Day - Thursday, 8 October 2015 Balancing Barn

Architects are experts in the design of buildings and places, creating the setting for human life. Their primary skill is design. They have the ability to imagine three-dimensional spaces and objects and apply knowledge of materials, structure and energy to turn concept into reality,  working with engineers, contractors and many other professionals. 

On Thursday, 8 October 2015 there will be a Taster Session for anyone who is interested in architecture and the wide variety of career opportunities to which this programme could lead.

Here is the draft programme for the day: 


Introduction to the day 

Richard Parnaby & Chris House


The Scope of Architecture

Richard Parnaby


Coffee break

Richard Parnaby


Design Exploration: A place to Live: A Place to Learn

Richard Parnaby


Group working on design ideas

Richard Parnaby


Feedback on the morning session

Richard Parnaby



Richard Parnaby


Walk to the site of the architecture building

Richard Parnaby


Group working on design ideas

Richard Parnaby


Design review: sharing ideas

Richard Parnaby




The day would start with fairly general illustrated talk about architecture, the range of types of architect and the settings in which they work, the overall shape of our proposed course and perhaps a 'sneak preview' of early design ideas for a building.

The main part of the day would be a design exercise with the students working in groups of three or four to produce ideas for a a student living space. This would introduce you to the methods and ethos of the design studio.

The day would end with a review to share your design thoughts and as a group provide feedback about how your ideas might be developed.

Weather permitting we could take a walk down to the site of the new campus at lunch time.

View the course here: Architecture

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