UWTSD Construction Students and Coastal Housing discuss 'Designed with “innovation” in Mind'


On the 5th of May 2016, a group of Post Graduate students from the MSc Property and Facilities Management and the MSc Sustainable Construction Programmes, paid a visit to Coastal Housing, a leading provider of social housing in South Wales.

Coastal Housing and Construction Students 'designed with “innovation” in mind'

The aim of the visit was to investigate whether Coastal Housing’s working environment was designed with “innovation” in mind. Thus, our MSc students were tasked with critically evaluating Coastal’s working environment.

Students were encouraged to examine new ways of working, considering in depth the use of working spaces, the effect of changes and employee’s attitudes to their workspace

All Coastal’s new developments are based on four key pillars.

These are to create sustainable tenancies, sustainable communities and a sustainable economy and, by doing so, also sustain their organisation.

This has included initiatives to promote skills and employment, lean working systems focused on the services people want to sustain their tenancies, and the shaping of teams to deliver these services.

We would like to thank Clare Watkins and Rod Gregory who led the tour through Coastal’s new flagship High Street development.

The visit was organised by Mike Cullis, who said

“…new ways of working can play a key role in helping produce better occupant health and wellbeing in the working environment. New ways of working can offer savings on costs, improve spatial lay-outs, services and aesthetics issues, all of which helps to improve productivity gains. Coastal Housing has exceeded in delivering these ideals…”