Carys Ifan

Carys Ifan BA Theatre Studies (UW Aberystwyth), Postgraduate Diploma in Stage Management (RWCMD)

Creative Industries Lecturer


Tel: 01267 225176


Lecturer on various modules that offer training and professional development to people working or wanting to work in the Creative Industries.

Carys spent 10 years working freelance in Production Teams in theatre, live events, film and television. Following that she has worked as a Marketing Officer, Co-Ordinator of Literary Europe Live and as Executive Producer on ambitious creative projects.

  • Community Leadership and Creative output
  • Use of Welsh language on Digital platforms
  • Producing and project management in the Arts
  • Creative packaging and promotion of content

“Sibrwd : Making Welsh language performances more accessible to non-speakers and learners.” Research Report for Digital Research and Development Fund for the Arts in Wales