Finance and Planning for Small Businesses

Finance and Planning for Small Businesses

This module provides a general study of the concepts and practices of financial management accounting.

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Credits: 30
Level: 4 
Duration – 4 taught session

Within the module, learners are given the opportunity to explore:

  • An overview of the International Financial Reporting Standards and the requirements expected of companies in the UK;
  • The methods used to produce the financial statements;
  • The formulas used to interpret the financial statements in comparison to previous years, competitors and industry standards;
  • Some of the ethical and legal implications in producing financial statements
  • Accounting policies used in producing financial statements 

This course is suitable for both employers and employees with an interest in accounting concepts.

The module provides employers with the opportunity to develop employee awareness of relevant concepts, principles and practices necessary to determine financial performance and position of a business.

Learners are required to complete a written assignment and create produce practical documents to consolidate knowledge and understanding of business planning and finance. 

The module is supported by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. For details on funding subsidies, please contact