Planning, Motivation and Leadership

Planning, Motivation and Leadership

Planning, Motivation and Leadership

Credits: 30
Level: 4 / 7 
Duration – 4 taught session

This module focuses on encouraging participants to examine a range of different leadership styles, behaviours and traits from theory and apply to practice.

The following areas will be covered during the module:

  • Workplace planning and prioritising to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Engaging and motivating the team to create a positive working environment.
  • Theories and models of planning and prioritising and exploring approaches to personal development, such as mentoring and coaching.

This course is particularly suited to those in a position of management or leadership within their organisation as well as those aspiring to becoming manager or leaders of the future.

Developing the skills of planning and prioritising will promote greater efficiency in the workplace.
The ability to engage and motivate so that activities can be tackled with good will and as a well-functioning team will enhance performance at all levels.

  • The written assignment will introduce a workplace task and you will prepare a plan to address this.
  • You will reflect on your approach to motivating your team and how this might influence the team dynamic. This will be considered within the context of theories of motivation and team development.

The module is supported by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. For details on funding subsidies, please contact