Project Management

Through this module, you will be able to recognise and describe the benefits of project management, explain the principles and identify appropriate tools and techniques to effectively manage projects.

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Credits: 30
Level: 4 / 5 / 7
Duration: 4 days, taught sessions

This module focuses the following areas of Project Management theory and practice:

• The principles of project management
• Tools and techniques for planning and managing projects
• Risk: identification, analysis and management
• Quality management in a project environment
• Project monitoring, reporting and budget control
• Level 7 will encourage learners to develop a project management methodology that suits their workplace

This module is relevant to anyone that is managing or working on a project within their workplace.

  • Some benefits of utilising a project management approach are; increasing efficiency and effectiveness of delivering services increase in quality of services and increased risk assessment.
  • By implementing a project management approach to a project, it provides a ‘roadmap’ that can be easily followed by all parties involved.
  • Levels 4 and 5: Assignment illustrating how project management could benefit your place of work.
  • Level 7: Assignment discussing project management processes with recommendations for a suitable methodology in the workplace.
  • It is important to note that during your period of study you will be supported by a designated tutor.
  • Once you have successfully completed the module you will gain 30 credits that you can put towards further study.

The module is supported by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. For details on funding subsidies, please contact