Making a Sustainable Difference at UWTSD


Thanks to her passionate and enthusiastic approach to teaching and learning, UWTSD Anthropology lecturer, Luci Attala, is the finalist for the Sustainability Staff Champion Award as part of the Green Gown Awards 2015.

Luci’s energetic approach to teaching and learning has launched her into the final for the Green Gown Awards. Her commitment to numerous projects shows her commitment to making a difference to future generations, empowering undergraduates to challenge known practices, and take responsibility for their learning.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Anthropology degree programmes at UWTSD, as shown through the undergraduate degree Applied Anthropology. Applied Anthropology supports student-driven community enterprises; raises awareness of cultures and communities in developing countries; and works with students to assist reforestation projects that encourage carbon absorption. For students who want to make a difference, Applied Anthropology is a good starting point.

Luci’s engagement with undergraduate students shows that students react well to experiential learning and feel confident that they can make a difference to the world in a sustainable, positive way.

Luci Attala is the programme director for Anthropology undergraduate degree programmes and has won a UN Gold Star Award in 2014, thanks to her community wok in Kenya. Luci's students were also involved in this community work; Anthropology students are encouraged to experience difference communities across the world, for example Kenya or Canada. For more information please visit the Anthropology webpage.