UWTSD Anthropology Department attend London Anthropology Day 2015


UWTSD Lampeter campus brought its representatives from UWTSD to London, to take part in the London Anthropology Day on 2nd July 2015.

Anthropology Stand

The London Anthropology Day is an annual (free) university taster day for Year 12, 13, FE students, careers advisers and teachers to engage with, further understand and appreciate anthropology and anthropological concerns. The day is organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Discover Anthropology Education Outreach Programme in collaboration with the British Museum and participating universities.

Programme Director of Anthropology at UWTSD, Luci Attala, contributed a thought-provoking and engaging workshop titled “How Water Makes Us Human”, asking her audience to question the role water plays in shaping human lives, exploring the ways in which water, in certain communities, provides social and cultural opportunities.

Luci was also present throughout the day to discuss the Anthropology degree programmes at UWTSD: BA (Hons) Applied Anthropology and BA (Hons) Anthropology. Luci insists that an engaged, pro-active and inquisitive individual is the ideal candidate to study Anthropology at UWTSD - where learning is through doing.

The emphasis at UWTSD is for students to experience anthropology first-hand: students are given the opportunity to work in local communities across the globe, from Kenya to Canada; they are also actively encouraged to engage with their local environment too back on the Lampeter campus – working in streams (the River Dulas runs through the campus), utilising labs on-site and collaborating with other students and lecturers on a frequent basis.

Ultimately, UWTSD’s approach to Anthropology is to give each individual the opportunity to explore the world and its communities - to observe, experience and form your own opinions and understanding of various inhabitants of the world and communities within it. 

The next London Anthropology Day is already in our diaries - 30th June 2016.