We believe that students need to be more effectively prepared for the world of work, particularly to work in business, and that enterprising, entrepreneurial students and employability go hand in hand.

We provide our students with the insight and experience of the many skills needed to both plan, organise and run a business, together with commercial experience and industry placements.

We seek to develop and support a range of behaviours and abilities applicable to all aspects of life. These include:

  • Communication
  • Visioning and thinking creatively
  • Opportunity identification
  • Self-efficacy, self knowledge and belief.
  • Confidence and determination

We want all our students, but in particular those who may have come from backgrounds characterised by low self-esteem and achievement to be able to overcome their fears of uncertainty, to have the concentration and determination to drive forward their ideas and to feel able to take considered risks. In short, to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

Enterprise can make the difference between a degree that students find interesting and challenging but hard to apply in practice, and one which provides personal challenges, growth in confidence and the ability to transform ideas into realities”. Professor Andy Penaluna

The development of these personal attributes is encouraged throughout our teaching and enterprise and entrepreneurship is specifically embedded in many of our courses including credit bearing modules and assessment. In addition, we provide extra-curricular activities in which it is voluntary to participate. These include ‘Enterprise Week’ and Role Model workshops through the ‘Shut Up and Start Up’ initiative, where students can meet with inspirational graduates and work across all faculties and with all student groups.

Need Support?

Contact our Enterprise Manager, Kathryn Penaluna
Email: kathryn.penaluna@sm.uwtsd.ac.uk


Drop in to Research, Innovation and Enterprise Services in the Mount Pleasant Campus


See Sally Hewes, 1st Floor Norah Isaac Building, Carmarthen
Email: s.hewes@tsd.uwtsd.ac.uk