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SA1 Library


SA1 Library Project

The SA1 Library provides us with a unique opportunity to consolidate the libraries from Mount Pleasant and Townhill Campuses. It will provide access to a range of flexible learning spaces to support all our students. It will also house the collections from the libraries of Mount Pleasant and Townhill Campuses. Professional library staff will have access to a range of spaces that will enable them to support students and staff digital and information skills development across the curriculum. There will also be an exhibition space for showing student work, as well as enabling us to display items from our own Special Collections and Archives.

 It is planned for the new library to be operational from 13th August 2018.

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Carmarthen Library Refurbishment Project

The Carmarthen Library will be undergoing a significant refurbishment project through this academic year. The Library was built in the early 1990s and it is clear that the current space configuration and provision is no longer for purpose. This is increasingly an issue in terms of equity across all campuses following recent work in both Lampeter and Swansea Business Libraries along with the new SA1 Library Project. One of the key objectives is to improve the physical space and environment for learners, for example developing a range of flexible and different learning spaces and settings.

The project will include elements of external work also. It will probably be necessary to close the library at some point this academic year, probably June 2018, but we will ensure academic and professional colleagues are engaged with to ensure best fit solutions are In place.

 It is planned for the project to be complete by the end of July 2018.