How to apply for a PGCE programme

PGCE how to apply doodles

The number of places available for PGCE Teacher Training programmes are determined by the Welsh Government each year. This means that the number of places available can vary and competition can be high. You are advised to apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

You should apply for your PGCE programme online through the UCAS teacher training portal.  The application process opens in mid to late October (Apply 1) each year.  In Apply 1 you will be able to apply for up to 3 different courses/providers.  Apply 1 usually closes in January (although some providers may close earlier), this is when you must apply through 'Apply 2'. During Apply 2 you can only apply for one course/provider at a time.  

When you are preparing your application, keep in mind the following: 

  1. Don't rush your application. It is important you take your time and ensure everything is completed correctly.  You can save your progress as you go along and return to it at any time. 

  2. Contact your referees in advance so that they have time to prepare a reference for you. Your application won't be submitted to us by UCAS until your references have been received.

  3. In your personal statement try to demonstrate your passion for your subject and the knowledge and understanding that you've gained about being a teacher through any classroom experience that you have undertaken.

  4. Some courses, especially PGCE Primary are very popular and can fill up quite quickly, often within the Apply 1 window. For this reason we would advise you to make your application as early as possible. 

Once you have submitted your application the process can move quite quickly.  All providers must respond with a decision within 40 working days and if you are offered a place you will have 10 working days to make a decision.  

The next stage of the application process at UWTSD will be to attend an interview where you will be required to take a short literacy and numeracy test.  These tests are a requirement for all applicants.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

The fees are £9,000, tuition fee loans are available from the Student Loans Company (SLC) and currently Welsh students can receive a subsidy of £5,100 towards the fee.  

Yes. There is a Welsh Government Initial Teacher Training Grant that is available for some subjects/pathways.  Each year the Welsh Government announces which subjects are eligible and the amounts that are available.  These bursaries can vary but are usually offered for high-priority subjects and for first class honours degrees.  The  announcement  is usually made in February each year.  

The grants are distributed by the University on behalf of the Welsh Government.  You will complete the required paperwork when you enrol and will receive the bursary in nine monthly instalments starting at the end of October and continuing until May, with a double instalment in June. 

Yes, you can.  For example, if you have the right qualifications to be eligible to join the PGCE Secondary Welsh Programme, but your first class degree is in History, you would still be eligible for the ITT Grant awarded students undertaking a 'high-priority' subject. (For as long as Welsh remains a 'high-priority subject').

The choice of School placements are made on the basis of your own developmental needs.  We will take your location and circumstances into account when arranging placements, for example, if you don't have a car we would do our best to place you in a school that is on a bus route that you are able to reach. We would also not place you in a school that you have existing links with.   

No, we would not place you in a school that you already have links with.  This includes schools where you have studied, undertaken work experience or where a family member works or studies.  

The PGCE course is very intensive.  In the university phase of the programme you can expect to be in classes all day from Monday to Friday.  During your placements you will be expected to attend the school for the duration of the school day.  You may also be asked to participate in your school's extra-curricular activities such as parents evenings and staff meetings.  Due to these long hours and the time recommended for preparation and reflection, it is not advisable to also work elsewhere at the same time.  

The application process for PGCE programmes works differently to that of undergraduate degrees.  This means that there is no set application deadline.  Each programme has a set allocation of places for which it can make offers.  Once all of those offers have been made, applications to that programme will close.  For very popular programmes this can happen as early as January, others with more places to offer may remain open to new applications throughout the year. You will be able to search for courses with vacancies on the UCAS Teacher Training website.