PGCE Teacher Training Bursaries

Each year the Welsh Government offers Teacher Training incentives. The bursary amounts that are available and the subjects which they are linked to are determined annually by the Welsh Government in response to the needs of the education sector. Below you will find a table that details the financial incentives available for PGCE students starting in September 2017.

The Minister for Education and Skills has announced the availability, subject coverage and level of PGCE initial teacher training (ITT) incentives that will apply in Wales in the academic year 2017/18 as follows:

First degree qualification of student

High priority subjects

(Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Welsh)

Medium priority subjects 

(Modern Languages, ICT - computer sciences)

All other main secondary subjects & Primary teaching 

Primary supplement (English, Welsh, Maths and Science degrees only) 

1st class honours
















  • Figures in brackets include total support payable to the student (Incentive plus tuition fee grant). 
  • Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry trainees with a 1st would receive the £20,000 incentive plus fee grant, to compete with students in England on PGCE scholarships. 
  • For degree qualifications with no ITT incentive attached, the tuition fee grant will mean that Welsh-domiciled ITT PGCE students have access to grant funding to help support their studies.
  • Computer science studies and MFL have been designated medium priority recruitment subjects to support policy developments in these areas and encourage individuals with a computer science or computer programming degree to enter teaching.
  • For those with a 1st degree classification a £3,000 supplement in addition to the £3,000 incentive will be available to support students undertaking primary PGCE studies whose subject specialism is in English, Welsh, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry to promote core subjects.

Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2015

UWTSD received some excellent results in the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) 2015; the highlights were:

  • 91% (272/300) of respondents agreed that staff are enthusiastic about what they are teaching.
  • 88.2% (253/287) of respondents agreed that they are encouraged to ask questions or make contributions in taught sessions (face to face and/or online).
  • 84% (257/306) of respondents agreed that the course is intellectually stimulating.
  • 83.3% (255/306) of respondents agreed that the course has enhanced their academic ability.

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Survey 2015/16

UWTSD has employable postgraduates – in the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) Survey 2015/16, 100% UWTSD’s UK-domiciled postgraduate students were in employment and/or further study six months after graduating.