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The MA in Directing offers a thorough introduction to directing for theatre. From text analysis and directing actors to working with a creative team and directing a play of your choice you will be given practical opportunities and guidance to develop and learn your craft for such a highly competitive profession. 

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Institution Code: T80
Course Length:
1 Year
Start Date: September

Canolfan Berfformio Cymru
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The course will work side by side with the MA Theatre and Performance cohort and will benefit from an eclectic mix of disciplines provided by the College staff plus international visiting companies and practitioners of the highest order who can contribute to the discussion of how theatre art can be created and to encourage independent thinking and analysis.

The study will be an intensive experience rooted in Stanislavsky’s analysis proses while also benefitting from other world practitioners such as Sanford Meisner, Michael Chekhov and Anne Bogart.  In order to root the learning the director will be guided through a step by step analysis approach that is a forensic process to understand the given circumstances of the story. From there the director can build a successful process which is tenable to the writer’s vision.

The director will then be given a series of exercises that will help develop stage craft.  Studies such as conveying a character through props and set only, a silence, a dramatic pause, scene requiring special skills such as combat or deeper emotional response such as crying or laughing, Impressive modeling, scene from a musical and a Chekhov or Shakespeare. The director will direct the MA Theatre and Performance students in these pieces which will be shown and critiqued. The director will be given feedback and will also learn how to utilize this in their continuing studies.

The director will also explore the kind of work and stories they wish to tell, be encouraged to see as much theatre as possible in order to understand other theatre makers’ artistry. There will be opportunities to assist visiting directors at the college and work on a play and a musical. During this time they will learn about Stage management, Production and creative meetings, Marketing, Tour booking and venue booking and will also be responsible to deliver an educational workshop package for schools.

Finally the student director will select a play of their choice and direct the BA Performance students. This module will aim to be a culmination of the individuals learning with the benefit of a longer rehearsal process and more opportunity to learn about audience feedback with several performances. The student will emerge with a set of tools that are also transferable for screen script analysis and working with actors. During their time they will also have had opportunity to observe rehearsal processes with Welsh theatre companies and will be encouraged upon leaving to apply for assistant director posts at these venues.   

  • Principal Study: Directing
  • Public Performances
  • Devising and Physical Theatre
  • Text Analysis
  • Acting
  • Professional Development Portfolio

The MA Directing course provides the student with many practical opportunities to develop their skills throughout the course which is key for any learning director to master the directing process. Being able to co-learn with the MA Theatre and Performance provides a wonderful opportunity for the learning director to practice and grow. 

The course is delivered in the welsh language but of course is transferable to other languages and provides the student with a competent bilingual skillset upon graduation. The student director will also have gained an understanding of opportunities that exist in the current industry and will graduate with a good knowledge of the welsh theatrical scene be that in new writing, rep theatre or independent theatre practitioners in both languages as well as a growing understanding of UK theatre and director awards they can apply for. 

  • Eilir Owen Griffiths
  • Elen Bowman
  • Robbie Bowman

The course will be assessed via two standalone modules titled Directing Skills and Director’s Project which hold 30 credits each as well as the following modules : Acting (30), Public performance (60) Script Analysis module (30) which will be shared with the MA Theatre and Perfformance Students. 

UK bachelor degree (minimum 2:1) or experience 

There is a lack of welsh speaking director here in Wales and therefore now is a good time to be training and aiming to work in this current climate.  The student director can emerge from the course with skills to work in Welsh and English therefore doubling their employment prospects in a competitive industry. The course is based in Cardiff which has developed to be a hive of drama activity whether in Television or Theatre.

The course will aim to link the director with future employers to maximize their chances of employment. With the added expertise of music theatre delivered on the BA Perfformio course, directors can emerge into the profession with a good foundation to develop their skills further in different theatre genres such as Opera or Musicals or to train further in short course screen directing.

  • BA Perfformio
  • MA Theatr a Pherfformio

Elen Bowman is a professional director, regarded as a leading coach for directors in the UK and has wide knowledge of UK practitioners and companies who can assist the directors learning. Her work form part of The Directors Craft by director Katie Mitchell OBE.

Elen runs Living Pictures which annually provides further training for directors in London hosted by leading UK directors such as film and theatre director Dominic Cooke and Broadway/West End director Ian Rickson plus published directors such as Mike Alfreds of ‘Different Every Night’ and Bella Merlin of ‘The Stanislavsky Toolkit’.Her experience therefore can help supply a competitive and aspiring process for training directors. 

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