Childcare Provision

If you are studying or working at the University, we have two nurseries – Y Gamfa Wen on the Carmarthen campus and Gwdihŵs on the Lampeter Campus that provide high quality childcare for students, staff and local parents.

Y Gamfa Wen on the Carmarthen campus and Gwdihws on the Lampeter campus are purpose-built facilities for babies and young children. The nurseries provide a safe and welcoming environment where children receive the best care and attention. There’s ample play space, indoors and out, high quality equipment and well-qualified bilingual staff - all of which combine to provide an enriching experience for children.

For further information, please contact 01267 676645 for Carmarthen or 01570 423426 for Lampeter.

For students on our Swansea Campus please contact the Student Services team on 01792 481206 for information on childcare options in the area.

Y Gamfa Wen - Carmarthen Campus

Tel: 01267 676645

it's more than a nursery... it's inspiring!

give your child a head start in life...

Y Gamfa Wen is a purpose built day nursery located at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Registered with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW). The nursery provides a safe and welcoming environment where your child will receive the best care and attention. There’s ample play space, indoors and out, high quality equipment, and well qualified staff... all of which combine to provide an enriching experience for your child. All welcome - children of students, staff and members of the public

Age range:
From birth to 5 years

Opening hours:
Open weekdays from 8am - 6pm

Why choose Y Gamfa Wen?

The nursery operates in the main, through the Welsh language. Children, whether first or second language Welsh speakers, are supported in gaining language skills during purposeful play activities. All staff are fluent Welsh speakers so can support your child and you in a natural way.

We work within the Foundation Phase framework with the 3 year olds, which places great emphasis on children learning through first-hand experiential activities with the serious business of ‘play’ providing the vehicle. Through their play, the children practice and consolidate their learning, play with ideas, experiment, take risks, solve problems and make decisions individually and in groups.

Why would it be a good idea for my child to speak and understand Welsh?

Some examples of what research proves:

  • learning another language helps intellectual development
    - children learn to think in different ways/divergently
  • results in school show improved performance for bilingual children
  • if a child has 2 languages they will find it easier to learn a third
  • future career opportunities

Nursery staff work closely with lecturers in the School of Early Years

How can this help my child?

  • ideas for innovative practical activities, which have been proved to aid all-round child development can be introduced eg, heuristic play (discovering and exploring new things)
  • lecturers share knowledge of different approaches such as High/Scope and Reggio Emilia which can encourage children to become independent
  • good quality resources can be shared eg, multicultural musical equipment, dolls with wheelchairs to help children understand inclusion
  • expert support/advice is on hand when needed eg, with managing particular behaviour displayed by children - this advice can then be shared with parents to aid them in their sometimes difficult role

Good quality, specialist equipment

Why is this important?

  • we have chosen to buy the best quality, Community Playthings equipment because it is safe, durable, practical and child friendly. For details on why this equipment helps children, see
  • we have spent extensively on 2 types of wooden blocks because block play can cover all aspects of the curriculum and all areas of development:
    • Physical: gross and fine motor skills are developed, muscles are built, co-ordination is mastered
    • Intellectual: problem solving, concentration, mathematical concepts, memory, use of the imagination
    • Language and social: opportunities to discuss work in progress, work with others, to cooperate, take turns, share
    • Emotional: helps them to play out situations, make sense of the world, express their feelings, have fun

Opportunities for outdoor play

We have an outdoor play space with a covered verandah as we feel very strongly that children must have sufficient exercise and fresh air. Why is outdoor play important?

  • it enhances all areas of development
  • it is what children enjoy - gives them freedom
  • children become healthier - their immune system is strengthened
  • children’s behaviour improves when they can run around and let off steam

Students on BA Early Years Education at University of Wales Trinity Saint David work closely with the staff and children at Y Gamfa Wen, the University day nursery to develop their outside play environment.

To date they have created 2 structures from willow: a tunnel and a den.

We provide a welcoming environment for parents

Nursery staff strongly believe in the value of partnership with parents. This is not a place where you’ll feel guilty about leaving your child, but where you’ll feel happy that they will have a positive learning experience in a caring environment. Feel free to share any issues relating to your child’s development - help and advice is always on hand.

We would be happy to show you around our premises and/or provide additional information - please contact:

Tel: 01267 676645

Gwdihŵs would like to welcome you and your child/children

Gwdihws aims to provide a happy, healthy and safe environment where children can have fun and learn through play. There’s a warm and caring atmosphere in which children, staff and parents can all feel welcome and secure.

As a not for profit organisation we aim to charge affordable fees and to breakeven at the end of each year. We also recognise the value of our staff and pay reasonable rates of pay and provide very good terms and conditions of employment. 

At Gwdihŵs we offer full or part time childcare from birth to four years as well as sessions of Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin.  The Nursery is made up of different sections each one suitable for the age group using it.  We encourage parents to visit with their child / ren prior to the child / ren starting at the nursery as often as is possible. We can cater for 30 children. Please note that babies are welcome from birth but please note that they would not have received their rountine imms until they are 8 weeks old.

At Gwdihŵs we also have a school collection service.

For children over 3 and in full or part time school we have an After School Club five days a week, and a school collection service is in operation for this group at 3.00 p.m.

During the holidays we run a Play Scheme for children aged between 3-11 years.  Again if they are in full time school they will be welcome on the Play scheme. As an introducing to the Play scheme the term before they start school full time we offer settling in days.

Gwdihws Nursery is a purpose built nursery which first opened in 1996 and is based in the grounds of University of Wales : Trinity Saint David. As well as spacious indoor facility which is segregated into various sections for the different age groups and activities we have a nicely equipped garden and play area, which is also sectioned according to age groups.

We actively encourage play in the outdoors in all weathers, as long as the children are suitably clothed, and we take advantage of the wonderful grounds of the campus to take the children on walks whenever possible.

At Gwdihws the children will engage in a wide variety of stimulating and educational activities, both indoor and outside, which enables progress in all areas of their development whilst paying attention to their individual needs.

Lampeter is a predominantly Welsh speaking area and Gwdihws lays great emphasis on the use of both the Welsh and English languages in its activities. Gwdihws is also a member of Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin the Welsh medium nursery group and runs dedicated Mudiad sessions between 9.00 – 11.30 a.m. Monday to Friday. Most of the staff are fluent Welsh speakers and they can support and assist your child effectively in a natural manner in any language led activities. For the last few years we have achieved M.Y.M. Cylch Rhagorol (Group of Excellence) award, ESTYN and also we are inspected by CSSIW annually. Inspection reports are available to view online at

Gwdihws welcomes children with special educational needs and we liaise closely with parents and the Social Services to ensure that the needs of the child are met to the best of our ability.

At Gwdihws we have full and part time staff, nearly all which are qualified in childcare and have undergone the necessary training in other areas such as First Aid, Child Protection, Food Hygiene all of which are required by CSSIW. All staff are CRB cleared.

Contact Us

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Nursery Manager Mrs Allana Silvestri - Jones or the Deputy Manager Mrs Angela Evans on 01570 423426.


Gwdihws Nursery
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Tel: 01570 423426