Conference Calls

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Future Craft, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, 14th March 2018.  

Conference Theme: Entrepreneurship or Enterprise? 

The University for the Creative Arts invites speakers to take part in the 'Future Craft' Conference. This is the first of a series of biennial conferences will offer an opportunity for discussion, engagement and debate across a broad continuum of jewellery and silversmithing, whilst looking forward to exploring what the future might hold

The conference seeks to provide a framework for discussion around Jewellery and Silversmithing: ‘Entrepreneurship or Enterprise?’  It will celebrate and explore continual innovation within these industries; along with learning, development, business, context and markets.

Please contact Rebecca Skeels with any queries about submissions 


Call for Papers: Northern Light: Critical Approaches to Proximity and Distance in Northern Landscape Photography, Sheffield Hallam University, 2-3 July 2018.  Deadline: 16th April 2018

To coincide with the publication of our book, Northern Light: Landscape, Photography, and Evocations of the North (Chris Goldie & Darcy White (eds.) Transcript Verlag, Spring 2018) Sheffield Hallam University will hold a second conference around critical issues arising from the photographic representation of the northern landscape. The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition and we envisage both events as an opportunity for creative dialogue between theorists and practitioners. Selected papers from the conference will be considered for inclusion in a publication. A wide range of topics are welcomed for discussion at the conference, and we invite papers from any artist, critical writer, academic or theorist working within this field, whilst proposals can be made as contributions to one of the following potential strands:

  • Contemporary photography and the northern Landscape: representation and appropriation
  • Climate change and the politics of northern landscape photography
  • Northern landscape photography and contemporary consumerism
  • The northern landscape and neoliberalism
  • Northern landscapes as spaces of liminality
  • Documentary landscape photography
  • Discourses on the north in landscape photography
  • Historical approaches to the northern landscape
  • Landscape photography, landscape painting and the northern pictorial tradition
  • The scopic regime(s) of landscape photography
  • The northern landscape within global media

We emphasise that we are very open to other themes and approaches and particularly welcome any contributions from artists or theorists whose work is centred within a particular geographical location, such as northern Britain, northern Europe, the Nordic countries, Canada, Alaska, Siberia, and Russia. We also invite papers with a topographical theme, such as mountains, forest, wilderness, and ice.  Finally, whilst the primary focus is photography and photography as an expanded practice, we also encourage contributions from artists and critics working within other media – cinema, animation, video, painting, drawing, performance – as well as from other disciplines: literary studies, cultural studies, philosophy, history, cultural geography, anthropology, sociology, and tourism.

We invite submission of a proposal for a 20 minute paper, to be accompanied by a 500 word abstract. Deadline for submission is 16th April 2018. Send to Chris Goldie (