Connected to UWTSD Students and Employees

Alex Building and students

Swansea is a city of learning. A Waterfront Innovation Quarter in the heart of the city will transform the educational experience for UWTSD students and employees, creating a fit-for-purpose 21st century learning, teaching and research environment.

The Swansea Waterfront Innovation Quarter will fuse academia with the economic, social and cultural life of the city.

This neighborhood-inspired development will enable our students and employees to play a full part in the community and give them a central role in helping Swansea, and the Swansea Bay City Region, grow economically and culturally – reinforcing its status as a City of Innovation.

Our students and employees will benefit from studying, working and living in an environment which will include modern, sustainable buildings with refreshing open-air green spaces.

The Swansea Waterfront Innovation Quarter will make UWTSD, and the city of Swansea, an attractive proposition for generations for local, national and international students and employees.

“We’re incredibly excited about the opportunities that the new development will offer students."

Lydia Watson, Swansea President, UWTSD Students' Union