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About The Academy of Sinology

The establishment, in July 2016, of the Academy of Sinology as a joint institution between the Chin Kung Multicultural Educational Foundation and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David marked the beginning of a new era in the studies of the ancient Chinese culture, values and ethics.

Commentators have long known that China remains one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and ancient Chinese culture is shaped and governed by an emphasis on traditional values, filial piety and ancestral respect and commemoration.

The purpose of the Academy is, through education, instruction and enlightenment, to reintroduce this ancient heritage and culture to the international community, at a moment when so much change and chaos in the world today undermines people’s faith and belief in social harmony, mutual respect and peace.

The Academy seeks both to equip its students with a sound and extensive knowledge of ancient Chinese culture and values, as well as the ability to transform that knowledge into wisdom and strength. Knowledge may be power, but without its accompanying sagacity, insight and deep understanding, it simply remains a piece of futile verbalism.

The Academy wishes to guide and educate its students towards a deep understanding of the classic Chinese texts, and the legacy of the ancient Sages including the Sakyamuni Buddha, Confucius and Laozi.

Many of our students will themselves go on to further instruction and education, to spread their understanding to others throughout the world.  This knowledge will be for many a deeply held vocation and purpose, spreading in turn its ancient ethics, values and insights to others, in all parts of the globe, and in pursuit of a common goal of individual happiness and the restoration of peace and harmony to the world.

In pursuit of this, the Academy believes it can offer a new type of approach to learning, a pedagogy based upon the synthesis of scholarship with the application of that learning and knowledge beyond the confines of the classroom.

This Academy of Sinology is envisioned by the wisdom, insights and learning of the Venerable Master Chin Kung, and sponsored by the Chin Kung Multicultural Education Foundation.


Master Chin Kung.

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