Business Benefits

Business benefits

In today's highly competitive and unforgiving economic climate, businesses need to be responsive, adaptable and able to react rapidly to market conditions.

Without training, businesses won’t be able to keep up with change, strategies will fail and profits will fall.

By being sharply focused on the individual needs of the employee, Skills for Industry can help you to:

  • Overcome any specific labour market and recruitment challenges by raising technical and job specific skills from within.
  • Tackle the skills gaps in your team, and make sure your entire operation is more productive from top to bottom.
  • Refresh existing skills across the board to ensure that all staff skills remain relevant to your business needs.
  • Inspire, motivate and provide clear career progression frameworks for staff.
  • Upskill members of the team who are under qualified and/or under performing.

What support will you get?

The European Social Fund has allowed us to subsidise the courses, which makes it financially viable for all ambitious businesses - large and small - to invest in training. With our support, staff skills can become the driver for increased productivity and the sustained growth of your business. 

Here’s what upskilling your staff will do for your company:

  • Increased productivity, trained staff waste less resources, money, time and produce higher quality work.
  • Higher staff retention.
  • Increased motivation and morale (70% of employees work harder after learning new skills).
  • Increased ability to problem solve, evolve and employ new technology.