Duo  Luan MA, BA, PGCert HE Candidate, University of Wales: Trinity Saint David

Lecturer in Chinese


Tel: +44 (0) 1570 424905
E-mail: d.luan@uwtsd.ac.uk

Duo Luan

Co-coordinator Chinese Language Programme

  • PhD Candidate, University of Wales: Trinity Saint David. Thesis: Political History, TV Dramas and the Representation of Confucian China: The Regulation, Emergence and Politics of a New Genre(completed)
  • MA in Screen Studies, University of Wales Lampeter, 2005, Distinction. Dissertation on the semiology of colour in the films of Zhang Yimou
  • BA in Chinese Language and Literature Education, Jilin Normal University, 2002
  • The International Society for Chinese Language Teaching
  • The British Chinese Language Teaching Society (BCLTS)
  • European Association of Chinese Studies
  • British Association of Chinese Studies

My personal research interests are in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, visual teaching and learning and pedagogy, and language and intercultural studies.

In 2014, with the assistance of language teachers from Confucius Institute at the UWTSD, I have completed a series of nonverbal reading experiment from Phrase 1 of initial education to UG level in order to test the relation between language and thought. The result has been discussed in the paper ‘A Visual Approach and Semantic Activation in Learning to Read Chinese’ given in the 12th BCLTS conference.  

From 2014 till present, the research has been further extended and exercised at the stage of teaching Chinese under the practical context of our current UG Chinese Studies program. An innovative Visual Stimulation Approach (VSA) for teaching Chinese focuses on the strategies of lexical acquisition, semantic activation, and reading syntax of Chinese at the beginner’s level.       

‘Classroom Application of a Visual Stimulation Approach for Teaching Chinese’ in Yang Lu (ed.) Frameworks and Standards, Learners and Practice: Teaching and Learning Mandarin Chinese in HE (Bristol: Multilingual Matters, forthcoming 2015)

Language Contributor, Sample lesson for undergraduate language textbook Yangsheng Chinese (forthcoming)

"Wind from Britain" (Zhongguofeng jinchui yinglun) in Guangming Daily (Guangming ribao), 28/09/2004, C2 (in Chinese)

Language Editor for Luan Chuanda and Li Hanqiu (eds), New Edition on Chinese Moral Stories (Meide gushi xinbian: gaozhongsheng duben) (Nanchang: Baihuazhou Press, 2002) (in Chinese)

Author of the short-fiction "X-1" in Northeast Writers (Dongbei zuojia), 2001, April (in Chinese)

Section Editor, "Writing Knowledge" ("Xiezuo zhishi") in Lin Fengshan (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Chinese Studies for Secondary School (Zhongxuesheng yuwen zhishi baike quanshu) (Yanji: Yanbian People Press, 2001) (in Chinese)