Linda Rudd

Ms Linda Rudd BSc (Hons), BA(Hons) PGCE/PCET  M.Sc AMIEMA, MIES, FRSPH, FIMLS (Ret)

Senior lecturer and Programme Director 


Tel: +44 (0) 792481000

Linda Rudd

  • Programme Director
  • MSc Environmental Conservation and Management
  • Module co-ordinator

I was a medical microbiologist, and then decided to branch into industrial microbiology, where I was promoted to a managerial position. I have been teaching at Swansea Metropolitan since 2005, when I was conducting my teaching practice.

Since qualifying I have taught a range of subjects at Swansea Metropolitan, across the School of the Built and Natural Environment, and on other programmes in other schools, such as BALTS. I have taught at other Institutions, during this time including Swansea University and Aberystwyth.

  • IEMA, regular CPD and professional practice
  • RSPH, regular CPD, conference attendance and paper reviews, professional practice
  • IES, regular CPD and professional practice

I am particularly interested in Renewable Energy Technologies, and teach on the BSc Environmental Conservation, Energy and Waste module, and on the MSc Environmental Conservation and Management programme on the Energy: Issues and Concerns. I am particularly interested in renewable energy efficiency and embodied energy.

In keeping with my interests in organic and sustainable agriculture, I have become even more resolute in attempting to promote sustainable development, due in part to the slow denigration of the rural environment, economy  and community.

I teach the Sustainable Development modules for both the BSc Built Portfolio and the MSc Environmental Conservation and Management Programmes, and  bring academic knowledge into practical application and deployment. IN keeping with this subjects,I also deliver the Biodiversity, Understanding the Environment  and Environmental Assessment Modules on the BSc Environmental Conservation Programme. 

From my own experience of strategic management in Practice, I maintain an academic interest i the subject and deliver Strategic Management for Conservation module for the MSc Environmental Conservation and Management Programme.

I have conducted research into microbial soil communities in reclaimed land, which have utilised various remediation methods. Other areas of research include the Diversity within Building Services Engineering, Availability and relevance of FE programmes which incorporate low carbon.

Energy efficiency and embodied energy are areas which have been investigated but as yet nothing has been published. Research into microbial growth medium. 

For the past eleven years I have worked part time, as an environmental consultant. Fortunately during this time, I have drawn on my past experience as a microbiologist to devise disease control plans, for livestock of all types, including avian species.

I have produced reports to support financial and planning applications in the shape of Environmental Impact Assessments, Sustainability Reports, Habitat Surveys, Ecological Surveys, Waste Plans, and Energy Efficiency Plans.

Experience gained as a Managing Director, provided me with the insight to assist SME’s , and so when required I have also provided management assistance from Operational and change management to Environmental Management System design and implementation.

Since 1999, I have worked within the Small and Medium Enterprise sector as both a business advisor, and in the capacity of a mentor. My environmental consultancy has specifically targeted the agricultural sector, advising on waste minimisation and licensing, renewable energy applications and energy efficiency, reed bed design, installation and maintenance, disease control and the design and development of Hazard Critical Point Plans, environmental impact assessment , sustainability reports, ecological and habitat surveys,  and conservation and management plans.

  • Diversity Report for Summit Skills,
  • Energy Training in Wales, report for WEST-FE, LCRI

With regards to my external connections, I have been a member of the Penlergaer Valley Woods Forum, for five years. It was my suggestion that an Archimedean screw be fitted at the weir in the woods, which is currently under construction. I have been involved with the Renewable Energy Foundation since 2004.

I belonged to the Technology Transfer Network, funded by KEF, I have presented at University Seminars, and my research at several  WEST-FE Steering Group Meetings. I have presented my findings at the Summit Skills Diversity Project meetings.I attended the Northern Ireland Energy Education Conference (I believe that was its name, ) and  I presented my research into the equivalent sector here in Wales.)