Ms Liv Williams BA, MA, Workforce Development Fellow

Lecturer and Workforce Development Fellow


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With well-honed filmmaking skills from working in Production at the BBC's London Factual and Current Affairs Departments, in 2012 Liv turned her focus towards documenting NGO human interest stories, with the aim of provoking the audience to reflect and re-evaluate their understanding of the issues raised. Having been deployed to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013 as an International Emergency Response Communications Manager and to many global locations since including; the Syrian border in 2016, Nepal post-earthquake in 2015, Malawi post-floods in 2015 and Iraq to capture the IDP and refugee crisis on film in 2015. Liv says;

"I recognise just how vital it is to capture the stories around human need and the international response. I choose to communicate the information in the most compelling and visually engaging way possible, with a strong belief in justice, fairness, integrity, equality and the protection of human rights."

Liv's interest in International Development was augmented by the work undertaken during her undergraduate degree, a BA Honours in French and Italian, and an MA in Television Production which heightened her awareness of linguistic, legal and cultural issues and the need to truthfully document the nuances of human struggle.

  • Ethical multimedia and communication strategy in disaster zones
  • Cultural and nuanced communication
  • The rise of digital communication in 21st century terrorism
  • Western foreign policy
  • Currently developing modules relating to; entrepreneurial activity in disaster zones, pre/during/post deployment preparedness and multimedia global communication.
  • The power of wilderness and expanse
  • Digital Media
  • Multimedia gathering in extreme environments 

Liv is also a Research Associate at the newly founded Centre for the International Politics of Knowledge (KNOWLEDGE), one of several emerging, future-oriented research hubs at Aberystwyth University. Research projects including;

- AHRC-PaCCS project “Raising Silent Voices: Harnessing local knowledge for communities' protection from violence in Myanmar”
- ESRC Seminar Series “From Data to Knowledge: Understanding peace and conflict from afar”
- Implementation of the conflict textile exhibition and events programme as a 2017 Welsh Crucible project “Stitched Voices of Resistance”, in collaboration with Aberystwyth University International Politics Department and in cooperation with Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Nailed It! Series of Extreme Sports Books

Editor of 26 titles in total – Content Adviser and Editor, Grade 4 to Grade 8 of the US School Curriculum.


AUTHOR - Williams, L. 2016. Chasing the Elements: The Heart and Soul of Action Sports, Meyer & Meyer Sport



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Guest Lecturer at the University of Plymouth, Geography Department - 'Disaster Zones in practice' lecture.

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