Mr Phil Ainsworth Med, PGCE, BA (Hons), Diploma de Traductor (Madrid Complutense)  

Level 5  Manager  - Tourism & Hospitality / Welsh Language Officer / Placement Tutor / Lecturer of Languages


Tel: +44 (0) 01792 481733

phil ainsworth

  • Lecturer in French, Spanish and Intercultural Awareness
  • Welsh Language Officer for Swansea campuses
  • Year 2 tutor on Leisure Portfolio courses
  • Tutor on Placement and Dissertation modules

First and foremost I am a modern linguist, fluent in French, Spanish, Welsh and English, I can also communicate at a basic level in about 6 further languages. I have widespread teaching experience including teaching English as a foreign language, French through the medium of Welsh and Spanish, French and Welsh in both Further and Higher Education institutions. I have a proven specialism in Business language provision having taught in a Business College in Switzerland, delivered language instruction to senior managers in major industries in South Wales and have been a lecturer within Leisure and Business portfolio courses over the last 22 years.

In addition to teaching languages on a number of vocational courses over the last 22 years I have developed an interest in Intercultural Awareness and International Business Communications. Further expertise has been developed within a pastoral role as year tutor, dissertation supervisor and placement tutor.

Over the last 10 years I have been responsible for the University’s Welsh language Scheme and the development of services and instruction through the medium of Welsh. In this capacity I have represented the University and have been instrumental in furthering the Welsh Language agenda across the University’s Swansea campuses.

I have furthermore delivered Welsh as a second language and language pedagogy provision on PGCE Primary and Secondary courses.

Externally I have been in a position to influence the Modern Languages agenda in Wales by dint of the fact that I was a Principal Examiner for A level French with the WJEC as well as being a GCSE examiner for 10 years.

My research interests are centred around language acquisition on vocational courses and lexicography. I am currently co-authoring a bilingual Welsh-French/ French-Welsh Dictionary.


  • Member of the Institute of Linguists
  • Member of Y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol
  • Member of Tourism Swansea Bay
  • Have taught French and Spanish at all levels from beginners to degree level, specialising in the last 22 years in vocational courses.
  • Intercultural Awareness Tutor
  • International Business Communications Tutor
  • Dissertation tutor
  • Placement tutor
  • Year tutor on different courses within the Leisure and Business Portfolios
  • Language pedagogy on PGCE Primary and Secondary courses
  • Have delivered most of the above at least partly through the medium of Welsh as well as English
  • Language acquisition on vocational courses
  • Lexicography
  • Language planning and the normalisation of Welsh across Higher Education institutions
  • Experienced language teacher at secondary, tertiary and Higher Education levels. Within Higher Education I have developed an expertise in vocational language provision mainly on Leisure, Tourism and Business courses.
  • Further experience in language pedagogy and intercultural issues that affect the Tourism and Business industries.
  • Expertise as a senior examiner with the WJEC and OCR (Oxford/Cambridge) boards, with extensive expertise in Welsh medium as well as English medium examining.
  • Assessor for HEFC(W) Modern Language Departments in Universities
  • One of consultants in Community Tourism projects in North Wales
  • Provided language tuition for local industry
  • Senior Examiner for WJEC

Currently co-authoring a bilingual French-Welsh/Welsh-French dictionary to be published in 2014