Programme Director Interview

Caroline Lewis | Education Studies Programme Director

Programme Director Banner Caroline Lewis

Education Studies is for anyone who is interested in education and how it works.

Education Studies is a fairly new discipline in social sciences. It is the study of education that includes: where people learn, how they learn, the various issues that crop up when it comes to learning, how our schools work, lifelong learning and everything in-between.

Education Studies gives our learners a really good understanding of how we can support and develop learners whether that be in the classroom, whether it is in the community or any other scenario. 

In terms of the careers you can go into with Education Studies the possibilities really are endless. Some of our graduates have gone into teaching primary, secondary and adult education. A lot of our graduates end up elsewhere, such as, local government, working abroad, charity organisations and the public sector.

It is not just about qualifications that Education Studies gives you, it is also about the transferrable skills. It teaches you the skills you need for any role with elements of learning and developing people. We spend a lot of time developing our students to try and give them a sense of where they want to go in their careers.

If you’re interested in education, you want to know how to support and develop people then one of our Education Studies pathways could be for you. Come along to our next open day and we can discuss all the opportunities Education Studies could bring.