Student Interview

Lynda Westhead | BA (Hons) Education Studies

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This course has been way more than just a degree for me. It’s been a life changing experience.

I had a dream of becoming a teacher. I had worked fulltime since I’d left school at 17. I’ve had a child, I had gone into employment and I thought financially there was no possibility of becoming a teacher.

I went to a UWTSD open day, I took my daughter and I was lucky enough to meet the Programme Director, Caroline Lewis. 

Caroline told me that I did not need to do A-Levels, because I had enough experience and I could enrol that September. 

I was told about the diversity of the Education Studies programme that it was diverse and broad so that it didn’t limit me to teaching. I could do anything with it, I could work in Higher Education, the Government, there were several options and so that was a good choice.  

I called UWTSD Registry department about 100 times and they supported me though my UCAS application.

Education Studies is not just a teaching degree, it is about more than that There are four pillars: history, psychology, sociology and philosophy. It teaches you transferrable skills that you could take into any employment.

Since I have started doing the course I have volunteered at a local Primary school and I’ve got involved with Peer Assisted Study Skills helping other students through their studies. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the Education Studies background. 

This course has been way more than just a degree for me. It’s been a life changing experience. Things that used to matter to me before don’t matter to me now. My priorities have changed. 

My daughter… our relationship has changed. I have been able to spend more time with her. She respects me and she has learned how important it is to get an education. The right educations with the support.

Watching me do my assignments, she has got involved even doing her own projects on education in developing countries. 

Education Studies has developed me much more than just being a student.

I wish I had done this so many years ago.

Since starting my course at UWTSD I have been encouraged by my course director and lecturers to explore any opportunities I want and they would support me where they think it will develop me on the course.

I’ve always wanted to look at teaching in America. I love New York. I was given free rein to contact NYU and I have managed to secure a week’s experience over there in February. I have had full backing from UWTSD and this will provide links between our Education Studies programme and the US Education programme.

I don’t want to leave UWTSD so I would highly recommend the course to anyone who has an interest in education. 

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