About WIAV

"The new generation of opera singers face a faster, more demanding commercial profession than in the past."

Operatic excellence was traditionally a career-long goal gradually achieved through experience in the profession, with vocal security and techniques needed to sustain long careers. In today’s more ‘instant’ world with changed dramatic expectations and requirements, artists are often cast in the most exacting roles at an earlier stage and are under pressure to succeed more quickly.

This reduces the opportunities to patiently refine talent and to carefully prepare for careers that hopefully will be long but demanding. Recognising the many excellent instituations offering expert dramatic tuition, WIAV’s raison d’etre is the provision of study concentrating on stylistic issues and advanced vocal technique. It is a centre of excellence and opportunity to prepare for the challenge of an extremely exacting and unforgiving world stage.

The Academy is not an opera studio in the conventional sense. Our approach to the dramatic goal is unusual yet traditional. The underlying ethos is the provision of a solid technique with linguistic and stylistic understanding, the basis of security in the early and most dangerous years of an operatic career.

Recognising his earlier success in the field, the newly formed University of Wales Trinity Saint David, invited Dennis O’Neill to establish an International Academy of Voice, a centre of vocal excellence and to locate it in Wales, an ideal environment justly famous as ‘the land of song’ the starting point for so many internationally successful singers.

WIAV provides a highly specialised and unique environment for a small number of exceptional singers at the early-professional stage, selected and recruited globally, to develop and polish their talent to the highest professional standards.

The best coaches, language experts and vocal technicians are complemented by visiting eminent conductors and national and international stars from the Operatic world.

The Academy provides a world-class institution within one of the UK’s leading centres of higher education and an opportunity to lead in a field in which Wales is historically pre-eminent and globally admired.

The Academy will create international alumni ambassadors, promoting the University’s reputation and its commitment to international excellence.