Elevate Cymru Project

‌The Elevate Cymru project ended in June 2015, the courses continue to be available under the Professional Practice Framework by WIWBL. The project was part of the Work-based Learning programme, funded by the European Social Fund, through the Welsh Government.

Elevate logo 300Accredited training is delivered through three University led networks encompassing the Convergence areas of Wales. If you are a private sector company based in the Convergence areas of Wales then support provided by the programme is either fully or part funded.

Business Employees

The Elevate Cymru project provides employees of Welsh Businesses based in the Convergence areas of Wales with the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills by undertaking short accredited courses at a University.

Following consultation with the Employing organisation areas for skill development will be identified and appropriate courses selected. This type of module will usually be project based and clear guidance will be provided to the employee on how to undertake a structured approach to a project by agreeing objectives, understanding research methods, interpretation of results and how to draw meaningful conclusions and make recommendations for action.

The modules delivered will either be at undergraduate level or at post graduate level. A maximum of 60 credits can be achieved by each employee from within a Network area. However it is possible to gain additional credits (up to a maximum of an additional 60 credits in another Network area).

It should be noted that for an employee to undertake modules at levels 4, 5 or 7 there is not a requirement to have already achieved previous qualifications. Each employees needs will be assessed and appropriate support provided to ensure the work required to achieve the module assessment requirements are viable for each individual.

Business Employers

The Elevate Cymru project has been established with the support of the European Social Fund (ESF) to assist Businesses in the Convergence areas of Wales to up-skill their work force. In addition the project also provides a platform from which companies can network together, share ideas, problem solve and learn from best practice principles in similar organisations. Accredited short modules at undergraduate and post graduate level will be available in a range of Business based subject areas which will be targeted at the specific skill gap needs of the company and its employees.

The overall aim is to enable employers to bring about measurable improvements to their companies performance, improve employee skills levels and leadership capability, to encourage coherent strategic business planning, to facilitate creativity and innovation and to promote open discussion through networking.

Typical Modules

  • HR for non HR professionals
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Managing Teams
  • Project Management
  • Workplace Coaching
  • Interpreting Financial Statements of Companies
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace

For a full list of modules available, please see the Courses we offer page.


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