Welcome to the Academic Office

The Academic Office is responsible for the development and management of the University’s academic regulatory framework, quality assurance and academic experience procedures.

It also provides support for the principal academic committees of the University that relate directly to its remit. The Office has its main base on the Carmarthen Campus but has an active presence on all of the University’s main campuses. 

Contact the Academic Office

Staff (in alphabetical order)

Ms Sarah Cornelius, Academic Quality Officer
Tel: 01267 676831
E-mail: s.cornelius@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mr Steven Davies, Administrative Officer
Tel: 01792 481000 ext 4464
E-mail: steven.davies@uwtsd.ac.uk

Professor Kyle Erickson, Director of Academic Experience
Tel: 01267 676918
E-mail: k.erickson@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mr Chris Fox, Academic Data Quality Officer
Tel: 01792 481000 ext 4407
Email: christopher.fox@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mr Andrew Gough, Academic Quality Officer
Tel: 01267 225144
E-mail: andrew.gough@uwtsd.ac.uk

Ms Teleri James, Head of the Academic Office
Tel: 01267 676693
E-mail: t.james@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mrs Victoria Pearcy, Academic Quality Officer (part-time Tuesday-Thursday)
Tel: 01267 676858
E-mail: v.pearcy@uwtsd.ac.uk

Dr Lewis Pearson, Student Engagement and Development Officer
Tel: 01792 481000 ext 4405
E-mail: lewis.pearson@uwtsd.ac.uk

Ms Catherine Perrett, Senior Student Case Officer
Tel: 01267 655370 ext 5370
E-mail: c.perrett@uwtsd.ac.uk

Professor Mirjam Plantinga, Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Experience)
Tel: 01267 676893
E-mail: m.plantinga@uwtsd.ac.uk

Mr Gwion Ramage, Academic Quality Officer
Tel: 01267 676653
E-mail: g.ramage@uwtsd.ac.uk

Ms Victoria Watkins, Administrative Officer
Tel: 01792 481102 ext 4102
E-mail: victoria.watkins@uwtsd.ac.uk

Ms Lynsey Williams, Academic Data Quality Officer
Tel: 01267 676785
E-mail: lynsey.williams@uwtsd.ac.uk