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The International Recruitment Unit are looking to expand their agent network for international student recruitment to the campuses in South West Wales.

See our International Agent Flyer for more information about becoming an agent.
If you are interested in recruiting international students for UWTSD, please email the International Recruitment Unit.  

List of agents recruiting students

Agency NameCountryAgency Website
Amber Education Holding Ltd Hong Kong, China and international students in the UK www.amberedu.co.uk
A-Win Education Services Hong Kong and international students in the UK Under construction 
Beijing Lihebo Cultural Development Ltd China Under construction
Beijing ZhiZhiQiao Education and Technology Ltd China Under construction
British United Education Services Ltd Hong Kong, China and Macau www.britishunited.net
Earth Vision International Education Nepal www.earthvisionedu.com
Elizabeth School of London Ltd UK/EU, India, Nepal and international students in the UK www.elizabethschool.com
Everyday Counselling Student Services Ltd UK/EU www.everyday-counseling.com
FBA (UK) Ltd Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & India and UK/EU www.fbaukltd.com
FK Ventures Ltd Cameroon www.fkglobeduventures.com
Global Education Alliance Ltd China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, international students in the UK www.geaworld.org 
Global Educational Matters Ltd UK, Middle East, India, Malaysia www.gem.wales
GESCO The Middle East and Gulf Region www.gescoedu.com
Great Western Education China www.gwestern.cn
Guangzhou Chivast Education Consulting Ltd China www.ceigd.com 
Higher Education Consulting (Chongqing) Ltd China www.haiyedu.com 
INDEC Vietnam indec.vn/
JJL International Education Exchange Promotion Ltd China www.jjl.cn 
KIEC Ltd Nepal www.kiec.edu.np 
Matrix Higher Education Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, international students in the UK www.mheuk.com
Nogoon Jade Mongolia www.noogonjade.mn  
OK International Student Recruitment Bangladesh, Canada, Middle East www.okisr.com 
Open Sky Consultants Ltd India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Tanzania, Ghana, Gambia www.openskyconsultants.in 
Pai Consultant Ltd China www.ukpai.club 
Pioneer International Education Inc China www.pioneer-edu.org 
Robert Davies Associates Ltd India and Nepal Under construction 
SI-UK Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Qatar, Canada, Saudi Arabia, international students in the UK, Vietnam, Nepal www.studyin-uk.com
UKEC International in the UK, China and Malaysia www.ukec.com
UK Immigration and Education Service Ltd China and international students in the UK www.ukies.co.uk
Unicol Gec Ltd UK/EU www.unicolgec.co.uk
Wiseway Global Ltd China www.wiseway.com.cn
Wish International Inc Japan www.wish.co.jp 
Wuhan Yawee Education Consultancy Ltd China & international students in the UK Under construction