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Careers Service Alumni

The careers team at UWTSD are here to support you, whether seeking work just after graduation, thinking about a change of career, or looking at postgraduate study.

There is no time limit on when you can get in touch and seek support. Graduates can use our career portal MyCareer: and then have an option to convert to a graduate account.

We have a team of experienced and professionally qualified University Careers guidance practitioners and we exist to help you understand your career options and develop your Employability. 

We can also help with queries about:

  • Getting started & generating Careers ideas
  • Understanding your options and making sound decisions
  • Finding and getting quality work experience
  • Understanding your Postgraduate options
  • Starting your own Business
  • Effective Job-searching
  • CV’s, Applications and Personal Statements
  • Interviews & Assessment centres

You can contact the Careers Service team by:
E-mail: careers@uwtsd.ac.uk

Find out how our careers team could support your future.

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