Chris Harrendence

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Chris Harrendence BA (Hons) Illustration


Tel: 01792 481000

Lecturer on the illustration course

As a freelance illustrator I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients from different sectors. These have included designing CD covers for musicians as well as producing animated music videos.

I have spent time on film sets where my involvement has included working in the props department, costume department and the prosthetics department.

Member of Association of Illustrators

I am always looking at ways to push our perception of illustration. Taking preconceived ideas of 2 dimensional image making and twisting it in to something else. Whether that be an animated image or a 3 dimensional piece of work, the outcome is to visually communicate to an audience.

Although my work often focuses on the strange and bizarre, the core narrative of my work deals with the human condition. This varies from dealing with quite challenging issues such as mental health to the less challenging absurdities of day to day life.

As a ‘maker of things’ my areas of expertise are varied. From digital animation, painting, storyboarding, model making, sculpture and life drawing.

I have produced a variety of book covers and spot illustrations for a few small press publishers.