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Arts In Action

Colourful artwork full of plants and animals.

Arts in Action supports UWTSD’s Widening Access policies by providing collaborative Art Workshops with schools to develop and enhance the new curriculum. Coordinated by UWTSD Swansea College of Art the project has delivered over 230 Individual Projects and engaged with 6,600 plus children to date! To celebrate the achievements of our participants we include artwork from our Arts in Action projects in our annual Outreach Exhibition at the Dynevor Centre for Art Design & Media, held in July.

What is Arts in Action?

Designed to support the delivery of the new Welsh curriculum, the University works in consolation with the schools to generate or discuss existing project themes. Current Art & Design students and recent graduates are invited to respond to these briefs in their applications. Selected artists refine their project before delivery, working in dialogue with their school. For some,  this is their first experience of working with schools and sharing their practice with teachers and children and the artists are fully supported through the planning, delivery and evaluation process  by a designated  University mentor. This enables them to both share their expertise within a supported framework with teachers and children and to gain confidence in sharing their ideas and working with other people rather than in isolation.

montage of different art work

Over the years many new techniques have been introduced into our schools, enabling teachers to expand their knowledge base for future classes. Projects have included felt making, cyanotype photography, book illustration, pin hole cameras, site-specific fine art, theatre costume and design, photograms, printmaking, ceramics, stained glass, creative writing and performance art.

Dates and frameworks for delivery can be arranges on a bespoke school-to-school basis. For further information on the UWTSD Swansea College of Art Arts in Action scheme please contact: artanddesign@uwtsd.ac.uk

montage of different art work

“Our school has been lucky enough to be selected to take part in the Arts in Action Project which is funded by the Reaching Wider Project.  Many of our children are living in poverty and deprivation with very troubled home lives.  As a school we are committed to widening their horizons, raising their aspirations and building their resilience and this project complements our commitments perfectly – so thank you for providing our children with the opportunity!” Headteacher, Participating School

“ I have been a headteacher for 33 years . The Arts in Action Residence is the best scheme I have come across. As a headteacher I always hope that we get included in the project again.” Headteacher, participating school

“ Working with Arts In Action has been the best working week of my life. It was a lot of work, tiring and demanding as well, but hugely rewarding, engaging and a lot of fun. Working with 30+ kids and feel more confident in working in similar conditions in the future. I would recommend this project to all creative students looking to gain experience and get some real work with your profession of choice on your CV.”  Arts in Action participating artist.

“ I really would recommend doing Arts in Action to anyone who would like to work with young people and develop their confidence and communication skills. A full school day used to terify me, let alone 5! But now I am confident in planning lessons for a full week, which will help me no end in my PGCE next year.” Arts In Action participating artist.