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Industry links

Our Computer Animation course has industry links with a wide variety of production companies, local and (inter)national that help to keep the content current and directed towards finding that niche role in the industry.

CREATE (based in Swansea) was set up by one of the animation graduates and the company has contributed a lot since then, continuing to offer internships and job roles for current students. Several alumni trade from their own 3D design companies and have visited SCA as guests to see existing students, includingTOMODACHI ISLAND  and PIXEL SHED. Others now work across various countries and across the animation community.

These include alumni- founded games company  BILLY GOAT ENTERTAINMENT  in Ireland; METHOD STUDIOS;  Head of 3D Visualisation at  AREA SQ and the Head of 3D at GINGER MONKEYS to discuss internship opportunities for students to apply and work in 3D modelling, environment modelling and 3D visualisation.

Swansea Animation Days Conference