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Design Crafts Workshop Facilities

The Design Crafts department boasts a broad range of specialist making and processing facilities for glass, ceramics and jewellery, supported by a comprehensive array of general workshops.

Facilities include:

  • Glass kilns for fusing, slumping, casting, enamelling and painting
  • Acid bay - hydrofluoric acid for polishing and etching
  • Plaster room for mould-making and prototyping
  • Wax working
  • Gelflex / rubber moulding facilities
  • Screen-printing facilities - dedicated workshop for screen-printing on glass
  • Sand-blasting - two dedicated sandblasters for glass (one pot-blaster)
  • Cold-working facilities - a range of cold-working facilities including lathes, linishers/edge finishers, hand-grinders, diamond flat-bed grinders, hand engravers, diamond saws and glass drills.
  • Glass cutting room
  • Leading room
  • Glass painting room
  • Glass studios
  • Ceramic kilns
  • Fully equipped glaze room
  • Throwing wheels
  • Slip casting facilities
  • Jewellery benches and specialist hand tools
  • Fully fitted jewellery workshop for soldering, finishing & polishing