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Facilitating Storytelling

Campus teaching. Location Learning. All by the beach! What story will you tell?

The course has excellent facilities and equipment to bring your story ideas to life.  Situated in our new SA1 purpose-built waterfront campus, we cater for a wide range of creative voices guiding you from the empty page to the cinema.

If you're interested in the visual side of storytelling, we have a wide range of 6K, 4K and HD cameras, with a bunch of lenses to experiment with, even some lovely vintage lenses. Oh, and what if you're looking to explore the hidden world of the miniature.

No problem, we have macro and probe lenses to delve into these micro worlds of wonders. After all, it’s the perfect way to see through the eyes of a forensic detective. Or maybe your story ideas are on a grander scale.  No problem.  If the miniature world of forensics and detective stories are not your thing, and you're looking to capture an epic story.  

Lets say, a struggle for survival on a mountain top.  That's not a problem either, we have a drone for bird's eye views and a range of gimbals, sliders, dolly's, and jibs. All the necessary gear for a range of visual possibilities so you're able to bring your stories to life and see through the eyes of any character.

But wait there's more not only are you able to create a world in camera, but you’ll also have the facilities to expand your story worlds in the form of post-production.

Equipped with the know-how and access to industry-standard software such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere, and Photoshop you'll be able to create a story world set in 2095, conjure a ghostly tale, or manipulate the emotions of your audience with just the power of the edit. The only limits are your imagination... create a film, a pre-vis, rip-o-matic, interactive story worlds or a cinemagraph as part of your storytelling practice.

An excellent library that has much more than just scriptwriting and film books, but also a view of the sea.  The perfect setting to delve into the world of film and explore others such as psychology, classic literature, and science to get passed that writers block.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there, once you have your inspiration, you'll now be able to develop it in bespoke student pods and a fully equipped Sony room.  Where you can use the facilities to work with others to digitally annotate and dissect your writing. Developing your vision from the page to the screen.

Finally, I can’t forget to tell you that on the doorstep there’s an array of locations. Our marina can bring to life the lavish lifestyle of a bank heist gone to plan, or double for the streets of Victorian London.

Parks and beaches set the scenes for wilderness horrors, urban settings can be used to set a murder mystery or even a Nordic Noir. Yes, I know you’re thinking you fancy the abandoned church to film a scene...that’s my choice as well.  

And don’t fret, you’ll be able to capture your story world and create the crucial atmospherics for your visual storytelling in these most challenging of places, as we have a range of battery-powered lighting.  Although…an umbrella could be handy on occasion.