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Running for several years ‘Design Week’ has been a huge success with the Graphic Design students, staff and wider school of Illustration & Advertising Brand.

This week long event offers an opportunity for students to engage with prestigious designers and companies in a perfect balance of talks and workshops. Some leading companies include Sky Creative, Lego, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, Gordon Young and the AOI Association of Illustrators.

It is also our pleasure to invite some of our amazing Alumni students, who return to share their career success stories.

‘Design Week’ is an intensive, confidence building experience which creates a perfect setting for the Design Industry to spot our potential graduating students.

Design Week Poster

Adam Jones Exhibitions

Andrew Jones New Designer Award

Animal Competition Screen

Assembled Students at Lecture

Award Winners 1

Award Winners 2

Award Winners 3

Award Winners Rebecca Rees

Central Library Students

Cerys Mathews Exhibition Night


Gordon Young



Jonathan Williams

Lego Creator Box

Mat Boyle Lego

Student Male Smiling

Students and Tutor

Students Gathered Around Work

Swansea 2021

Swansea Business Award Winner