Film students at ffresh festival


UWTSD Film students will be showing their films this weekend at the Ffresh film festival in Cardiff.

Now in its 12th year, ffresh, the Student Media Festival of Wales, features the best student work from Wales, the UK, and abroad.  The festival celebrates work being created by the up-and-coming moving image talent from around the world and to provides a vital link between higher education and the media sector.

Students studying Film on our Carmarthen Campus have been shortlisted for Calon Cymru in the Welsh Language category.  Produced to support the bid for S4C's relocation Carmarthen and I Miss You shortlisted for the music video category. A music video for Sam Rawbone it was produced in collaboration with the Welsh Factor and Scotty's Little Soldiers charity and features Joseph Devries from the X Factor.

Graduates of the Film course on our Swansea campus have also been shortlisted in the Music category for Liars and Fiction category for Cold Feet, The Waiting Room and Holy Shit. 

The festival is on the 22 February in Cardiff, for further details please visit

Videos can be viewed at the links below

Calon Cymru YrEgin

I Miss You - Scotty's Little Soldiers

The Waiting Room