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Swansea College of Art UWTSD Swansea Animation Days conference, SAND.

This annual animation, games, and visual effects industry event offers our students the opportunity to participate in talks and workshops from industry professionals from all over the world.

The conference is open to a wide range of students interested in pursuing a career in animation, computer game design, or the broader visual effects industry.  Students are given valuable career advice from industry giants, which in the past has include EA Games, Blizzard, MPC, the Mill, Double Negative, and Framestore as well as local entrepreneurs who work in the industry. Students also have the opportunity to have their work critiqued by industry professionals.

Speakers from past events have included:

Marie-Claire Isaaman (CEO, Women in Games WIGJ). Raphael de Almeida Pimentel, (Animation Director, Luma Pictures, LA USA and Melbourne, Australia). Becky Graham, (Sequence Supervisor, Double Negative, London),  Lee Greatorex, (MPC), Richard Baldwin and Alan Rodger (Senior 3D Visualisers, iCreate, Swansea).

As well as our 3D Computer Animation graduates Sid Harrington-Odedra who works for VFX studio The Mill, Adam Davis the Global Head of Virtual Production at MPC, and Ryan Morgan, also at MPC who has worked as Modelling and Texturing Technical Director on recent blockbusters Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and The Jungle Book.  Becky Graham, Sequence Supervisor from Double Negative also gave a talk. Becky was a fine art graduate of Swansea College of Art before working in animation.  Framestore also employs many of our graduates and participated in the event.