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Against the grain

There’s a real sense of interrogation to this year’s degree show, a stripping back, if you like, of meanings and assumptions around the objects and images of our everyday experiences, both shared and private.

Amongst the breadth of ideas and themes dealt with, there’s a real sense of wrestling with our current concerns. Walking through the prepared spaces, much will be revealed: a family home re-conceived as an architect’s model, like a doll’s house; the hard-won scrutinised image of a seated figure, marked and hesitant, tussling between the emotional and physical; a parked-up van as nomadic studio, exhibition and debating chamber; echoes of music lessons half-forgotten; memories of childhood and renegotiated relationships; politics, protest and the passing of time; figures in landscapes and interiors; architecture re-imagined as minimalised coloured, moveable blocks; surfaces and materials pulled, torn and tied; industrial, blackened shadows and figures, cut, inked and imprinted on the mind; skeletal details of nature, precarious and poetic; organic matter, rubbed, pressed and put to paper; European figures, suit-cased and looking for dreams; plastic, our cursed convenience as sculptural matter;  a contemplative corridor of fired clay; new assertions within sexual and identity politics; and a place to pause and to reflect, to clear the mind and to feel our beating hearts.

The Fine Art team would like to congratulate all the students for creating such a vibrant and thought-provoking show and wish them well for their future journeys.

Professor Tim Davies
May 2018

Image Gallery