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There are many ways that ATiC can support business as part of our focus on delivering support for the development of assistive, adaptive and rehabilitative devices.

Our User Experience (UX) Research Lab is at the core of what we do and what we can offer access to. It provides a comprehensive range of data capture tools to analyse user experiences during interaction with physical and digital products, services, systems and spaces.

Our UX Lab has two customisable spaces:

The Macro Lab is a multi-purpose space that allows us to capture large- scale physical and social interactions. It captures user experiences with a range of stimuli – including full-size prototypes and environment mock-ups, through to augmented and fully immersive virtual simulations.

The Micro Lab lets us analyse smaller scale user interactions in a controlled ‘pod’ environment. We use eye-tracking, thermal imaging and a combination of psychophysiological and subjective measures to get detailed insights into user’s cognitive and affective states while interacting with a product.

We also have extensive reality capture systems for high-resolution 3D scanning of the human body, objects and environments, as well as a state-of-the-art full-body marker-less motion capture and biomechanical analysis. We can also help develop prototypes, using our 3D printing systems and because we have several mobile field systems, we can also track user experience outside of the lab environment.

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User experience

User Experience

Within the ATiC UX Lab we offer a comprehensive range of biometric and psychophysiological ways of measuring User Experience: 

  • Behavioural observation Lab using Noldus Viso, Observer XT and FaceReader analysis software 
  • Simi Motion Markerless Body Motion Capture Analysis System 
  • High powered VR workstations 
  • Portable Psychophysiological Measurement System (GSR, ECG, EEG) 
  • FLIR T1K HD Thermal Imaging Camera 
  • Eye Tracking: Mobile, remote and VR  



Reality Capture

Reality Capture

A range of industry-standard scanning solutions for the accurate scanning and measuring of the body, objects and spatial environments. With the ability to use this information to model, analyse and also realise in virtual reality. 

  • Artec Eva and Space Spider 
  • Mantis Vision F6 and F6-SR 





Our range of workshops and facilities allow us to prototype and finish in a vast range of materials: 

  • CNC routers 
  • Laser cutters 
  • Waterjet cutter 

With rapid 3D prototyping in a range of materials, such as plastic, carbon fibre, wax and resin, to suit many applications. From familiar desktop printing to engineering grade such as: 

  • Stratasys 
  • Ultimaker 
  • Formlabs 
  • Bigrep Studio 
  • Markforged