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Professor Sue Williams

Communication, both sexual and cerebral, is vital to Sue's work and through the collaboration between the medical and artistic worlds she aspires to understand more fully the emotional implications within the dynamics of sexual relationships and family relationships and how both gender are made vulnerable through the lack of open conversation.

Professor Sue Williams

The collaboration THROB is between Sue Williams and Cardiologist Dr.Ossei-Gerning of the University Hospital Wales and this work has been adopted as a Clinical Research Portfolio with the NHS Research Council.

Dr Ossei-Gerning is aware that if the penis stops functioning the heart will experience mechanical problems within 5 years and Sue’s work uses the heart and penis as powerful ‘metaphors’ for emotional and sexual communications between two people. The interplay of these two areas is relevant to the issues of sexual dysfunction enabling an articulate and more open approach to such a taboo subject area.

Supported by: Arts Council of Wales; University Wales Trinity Saint David; Research, Innovation & Enterprises Services and Dr Matt Briggs (Principal Research Development officer); Ms Maria Battle, Chair of the Cardiff & Vale Health Board and the CRP of UHW.

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 481000
E-mail: sue.williams@uwtsd.ac.uk

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